Thursday, April 25, 2013

Living on my Nightstand

It is not often that a new toy replaces my Hitachi Magic Wand. Of course I am willing to try new things and sometimes they work better in certain situations, such as with a partner or if I want a slow long buildup, but sooner or later I return to my old faithful. In February I got pleasantly surprised. CalExotics sent me the Jumpin' Gyrator Power Scoop (kinda lame name in my opinion since there is neither jumping or gyrating involved in the toy - though perhaps it's talking about the user's response). I tried out this toy for longer than usual since I wanted to know if it was really as good as I initially found it to be.
The Jumpin' Gyrator has not disappointed me. It continues to live on my nightstand (despite my husband's fear that someone will see it) and is the toy I reach for 80% of the time these days. It is the perfect combination of size and power. It uses 3 AA batteries which seems pretty amazing considering the amount of vibration it produces. The whole toy vibrates in a quiet manner yet get-the-job-done-quickly manner. The single button on the bottom of the vibrator easily allows you to cycle through the 2 speeds, but is thankfully not so sensitive that you might accidentally change settings. It is made of ABS with Polyurethane to give it a soft, satin finish. The smoothness certainly feels good against the skin. And since it is waterproof, using it directly on my body in the shower is a lot of fun. Size-wise it is nice and girthy for penetration and long enough, at 6.5 inches for insertion and 1.75 inches around.
One of the surprising nice features of this toy is the scoop. I have never seen a vibrator that had a head with this shape and would never have thought it would make a difference, but wow. The indentation cups all female curves so nicely, from the clitoris to the nipples to the g-spot, it fit perfectly. This is definitely a keeper for me.
The only warnings I would give are - this may not be the best first vibrator since it is girthy and provides intense vibration, otherwise this toy rocks!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Dual Lover = Dual motors

The Lia Dual Lover 4 is quite a powerful and fun little toy. I really seem to enjoy the Lia line of products, they are always smooth and pretty. However, when I got this package in the mail from CalExotics, I will admit that I thought, "oh great, another rabbit vibrator." But this one does not disappoint. It may be a permanent fixture on my bedside table. The dual motors makes it wonderfully intense and easy to reach a climax. It is made of a super smooth and pliable silicone. It is also waterproof.
The insertable end is 4.5 inches long and 1.25 inches around. It feels adequate in size without being especially large, a perfect first vibrator and with the intensity it has, it is also a good toy for a more advanced and discerning user like myself. Also, I do not always feel the need to insert it when the powerful tip works so well on my clit. The 10 vibrations, pulsations and escalations provide for plenty of variety for buildup. The carefully placed ridges and rabbit ears add a little bit of extra sensation to the experience.
My one complaint is that the on-off button and change setting button are both flush with the base, easy to press (often accidently since that's where I'm holding the toy during use) and hard to distinguish from each other. But the fact that a kill switch exists in this toy makes me very happy, since it is easy to shut it off and then pick right back up where you left off. I think of that feature as a mother's best friend.
Overall, I would highly recommend the Lia Dual Lover - with 2 motors, 10 functions, good design and quality, this would certainly be a good choice as a first or to add to your rabbit collection.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Posh Butterfly

I've tried little Butterfly shaped and wearable toys before. In fact you can find my review of another Butterfly here. So when I got the package in the mail from CalExotics and opened it my first thought was I already have one of these. But the Posh Butterfly is quite amazing. The vibration was strong enough for me to have an orgasm without much work, which is saying something for a toy that looks more novelty-esque than power-tool.
The Posh Butterfly is a 10 speed silicone toy, shaped like a small butterfly that fits right over the clitoris with little antennae that vibrate as well. It has straps for the waist and legs that fit fairly comfortably. The control box is attached by a wire and is powered by 2AA batteries.
This butterfly has almost all the qualities I was dreaming of (and some I didn't even think to wish for) when problem solving upgrades/fixes to the last butterfly I reviewed. I love that this toy has 3 speeds and 7 escalations and pulsations. The variety is perfect for slowly and effortlessly building to a great orgasm. Plus the power button is designed as a kill switch, so if I'm worried my kids have woken up from a nap while I'm off relieving some stress, I can suddenly stop my fun and get back to exactly where I left off once I've checked that the coast is clear.
The straps are long enough to adjust easily for someone my size and larger. They are also wider and softer than others I've tried, so they don't dig in as much. And this butterfly does a good job of staying in place during masturbation or intercourse for easy movement. The butterfly is also nicely curved so that it fits right over the clitoris (a design that to me says made by a woman).
I would highly recommend this little toy. The only shortcoming I found was that once again it is not cordless. While my partner can control the vibration, I think I'd find this toy to be so much more thrilling if my lover could hold the little box from across the room and surprise me with random jolts of pleasure.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Strap in and take off

In August Cal-Exotics provided me with the 7-Function Silicone Love Rider Dual Action Strap-On to test drive and review. The idea of using a strap-on, being the partner with the phallus, was both exciting and scary - something I'd fantasied about but never really expected to actually act upon.
Years ago I had read about a couples course in San Francisco called "Bend Over Boyfriend." I was titillated  Men always seemed to want to "try out" anal sex, so I figured getting a chance to try it out on my man would be fair play and a fun change in power dynamic. At first he seemed resistant but as the years have gone by he agreed to give it a go. I have looked at strap-ons every once in awhile but thought it to be a pricey proposition to invest in a harness and dildo for something that might only be a one time use, or only for rare occasions. When I received the Love Rider Strap-On in the mail I was unsure how it would all work out.
The silicone phallus at 6 inches was rather larger and more rigid than I had expected. It seemed like the perfect toy to use with a woman, but not necessarily a man. And when I tried it out on myself as a dildo, it did feel pretty damn good. I ran through a mental list of all the women I could possibly think of with whom I could try it and realized I wasn't in a one night stand or potential relationship position currently, with any woman I know. Also, seeking one out at the moment just didn't seem very plausible.
The next step was for me to put on the strap-on. It was super uncomfortable right away. The straps were awesomely adjustable and the clasps worked really well (easy to open and close), but the hard nubbly plastic of the "the butterfly" against my clitoris felt awful and no matter how I repositioned it, it hurt. The dual action mentioned in the name of the strap-on refers to the vibration feature, along with the penetration "probe." This toy has a wide variety of vibration settings which is wonderful. There are 7 different vibrations, pulsations and escalations that occur both in the butterfly and phallus.
I slid a condom over the end (important with all shared toys, especially ones used for anal play) and gave it a whirl with my husband. There was never a point when wearing the strap-on was really comfortable against my clit, but with the excitement of the vibration and the act of penetration it was at least tolerable. The final downside of using this strap-on also related from using it for anal sex. I couldn't thrust with intensity (like with vaginal sex) as I had fantasized about. Also I'm not a fan of the bootyhole smell which was ever present, even if faint (whether in missionary or doggy-style).
For now I think this toy will sit in a drawer, waiting for a future in which I can try it with a woman. Maybe I'll still be the receiver since I didn't especially enjoy the inner side of the harness. However, it would be fun to have sex using a vibrating phallus attached to a person with a nice rack.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My moment as Anastasia

This month California Exotic Novelties is doing a 50 Shades of Grey theme. Upon hearing that and deciding that I might want to have a little context for the toy I would receive from them, I began reading the trilogy.I had some strong feelings about the books, most of those will be saved for my review of the trilogy. For the purpose of this post, what stood out was which toy I would most like to receive. I spent the rest of the month hoping beyond hope that I would get to try out CalExotic's equivalent to the "silver balls" that Anastasia found so mindblowingly stimulating - 
“ don’t mind if I spank you?” “Spank me with what?” “This.” He holds up his hand. I squirm uncomfortably. “No, not really. Especially with those silver balls . . .” Thank heavens it’s dark, my face is flaming and my voice trails off as I recall that night. Yeah . . . I’d do that again. He smirks at me. “Yes, that was fun.” “More than fun,” I mutter. “So you can deal with some pain.” I shrug. “Yes, I suppose.”
The balls were something new to me.  Sure, I've used vaginal exercise balls, but pleasure balls.  Also, my feelings seemed to match Anastasia's with regard to liking a little pain, especially from a nice spanking, and if these balls enhance a spanking, I'd be all in.
To my great excitement, I received the Lia Love Balls. This is set of 2 connected and weighted, silicone pleasure balls. Although they do not come in silver, like in 50 Shades (either purple or pink), they did not disappoint.  
I have now worn them around the house and out a couple times. I have worn them during some gentle sex, masturbation and while being spanked. They are an accessory that goes with almost any occasion. The weighted balls moving freely in the silicone casing feel wonderfully titillating. Add to that the quick jolt of a spank and it is highly arousing.  While I couldn't tolerate full penetration with the balls in, it was a unique feeling to have the ball move around in a massaging manner during partial penetration. Placing them inside my vagina during masturbation heightened the sensations and pulling them out at the moment of climax certainly amplified the orgasm. 
They do make a bit of a jingling noise while being jostled around by walking which can both raise the excitement level and be somewhat disconcerting. But overall, I found the Love Balls to be a nice accessory to a sex life, something to make you long for the main dish with your very own Christian Grey.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hawt and cold

With summer officially here, it seems like the perfect time to bring on the ice cold sex toys. CalExotics has kindly helped by letting me try out their Foreplay Ice Chill Massager.  This is a silicone toy that sits in a textured base in your freezer to provide fun teasing partner play.  A small metal vibrator fits into one end of the silicone to add stimulation to the experience.
On the back patio or in a chaise lounge next to a pool this toy is awesome.  The heat of the day burning onto minimally clothed bodies and a kiss begins the ritual. He leans over and our soft lips meet.  He grabs my bikini top that I placed next to me and ties it over my eyes.  "I'll be right back" he whispers in my ear. Inside the house he grabs the Foreplay Ice Chill Massager from the freezer.  He removes it from the base, ice glistening all over it.  I'm sitting there quietly, biting my lower lip with the blindfold still on.
He places the toy on my stomach and I shiver at the sudden chill.  He giggles slightly and begins drawing shapes on my lower abdomen.  I reach for it and he stops what he's doing and ties my hands behind me with rope he must have gotten from inside as well.
He returns to teasing me, now lowering my bikini bottoms.  Ice is now melting and dripping down my sides and between my thighs.  I shiver again.  He slowly moves toward my clitoris and I gasp.  My legs tremble with anticipation and he moves back to my stomach and around my breasts.  I moan a little.  Eventually, after a few minutes, he returns to my clit and adds the vibration.  This is a fun teasing feeling, but that's where it ends.  On to the main course :)
While I enjoyed the tantalizing fun that could be had with this toy, there were a few drawbacks.  This is not for indoor play as it melts and makes a mess on the bed.  The vibration is mild enough (3 watch batteries) that it was almost not noticeable for me through the silicone and ice. You must keep this in your freezer if you want to use it (both requiring foresight and possibly having to explain to your mother-in-law or babysitter that the weird purple and white icy thing in the freezer is not a fancy icepack for your children's injuries).

Saturday, May 26, 2012

First Time

Receiving a toy in the mail called First Time brought up mixed emotions. I kind of felt like it was wrong for a married mother of 2 to be the best candidate to try out and review a toy called "First Time."  On the other hand it brought back fun memories of going with my college roommate to get my first vibrator. Oh that feeling of youth, innocence, and naughtiness of my first (semi) reliable orgasmic aid.
I have decided to go back in time and compare the First Time Bunny Teaser, courtesy of California Exotic Novelties, to my first ever vibrator. I feel like this is more fair, than comparing with my serious power-tools of today, as the First Time appears to be a gateway toy - pink or purple, penis shaped, not extremely strong and not too big or long.
In the summer between my junior and senior years of college I was staying on campus for part of the summer with one of my best friends.  We had been suite-mates the previous year and were sharing a room over the summer.  I was horny and not dating anyone at the time, and her boyfriend who was also living on campus over the summer had been encouraging her to get a vibrator.  One afternoon we went to a nearby sex shop (being in Los Angeles, it wasn't too hard to find a place to get sex toys).
The store was a bit overwhelming for 2 college women who had never been in such a place before.  There were toys for every orifice, some as large as an arm.  There were devices for men, of which we had never conceived.  I found a plain, smooth, blue vibrator with a dial on the bottom to increase or decrease speed.  It was sufficiently lengthy and of average girth.  It reminded me of a penis, despite its blue and smooth appearance, and I felt comfortable with it.  Actually, I think I may have been excited by it.  My roommate got a pink toy that was similar except that it actually looked like a penis, with bumps and ridges in appropriate places.
We took our toys back to our room and each tried them.  I was on the top bunk and she was on the bottom.  We promised not to look at or talk to each other.  It took me about 10 or 15 minutes to orgasm. Compared to my best toys nowadays that is a long time, but it was much quicker than how long it had taken when using my hands, and about equal to using a shower.  I loved that toy - Mr. Blue or Mr. Smurf.  It was a good first.
So if I compare the First Time Bunny Teaser to Mr. Smurf, the First Time is by far better.  Granted, this is a decade later and vibrators have improved, but I am envious of the girls who buy this as their first toy.  It has nine settings which is really impressive - different speeds, pulsations, and escalations, all with the push of a button.  The pulsations and escalations are the most pleasing of any I've found since they vibrate longer and leave me more satisfied.  Also, it is pretty strong for something that runs on 2 AAA batteries (weak enough to frustrate the present me, but would have gotten me off significantly faster than Mr. Smurf).
The texture is pretty average on this toy, a silicone feel.  It has all the bumps and ridges of a penis including a well defined head.  However, it also has flowers along the shaft, which I find a bit bizarre and disturbing.  The part of the shaft used for penetration is a mere 3 inches long.  This seemed far from sufficient, though for anal penetration it might be perfect.
The bunny teaser aspect of this toy was the most disappointing to me.  This toy was made for someone who prefers the vibration on the penetrating part of the toy with minimal vibration on the clitoris.  In my ideal world, where things vibrate strongly on my clitoris, there would be a separate motor in the bunny part. As it is, if I don't use this toy for penetration I can orgasm with the head of the "penis" on my clit.  Perhaps that's fitting, since the first time I had a naked make out encounter with a real penis that is about the extent of the interaction (though orgasm was not included).