Monday, June 14, 2010

The Magic Wand makes me purr

I like a strong vibrating sensation between my thighs. Why am I telling you this? Because I am auditioning to be a sex toy reviewer for I started with the typical gateway vibrator. You know, the plain nondescript silicone vibrator that was enough to get the job done but not overly satisfying. I moved on to stronger vibrators like the Bullet and the Rabbit, but I ran both of those into the ground after a few years. I love long intense vibrator sessions when I'm in the mood - either during rare moments of alone time, as part of foreplay with my husband watching or as the finale after a tumble in the sheets.
Right around the time my Rabbit died, one of my friends mentioned that she had been in bed for 3 days with her new vibrator - and she had both a husband and a girlfriend at the time! Wow I thought, it must be amazing. She said that she had been unable to tear herself away from such mind blowing self pleasure.
It wasn't more than a month later that I purchased my own Hitachi Magic Wand. I opened the box to an ugly, large back massager. At least it would be easy to explain away if anyone ever found it, I thought. I quickly plugged it in and gave it a try. Then another. And another. And another. I had never experienced a vibrator so powerful, so orgasmatastic.
It quickly became part of our lovemaking ritual. "I'm feeling a little dry" I'd say. "Should I get the lube?" my husband would ask. "No. I think I'll just use the Magic Wand for a bit" I'd say. "Wanna watch." And of course he did.
Now, nearly 5 years later I still have my first indestructible vibrator and love it. It has two speeds so I can recommend it even to those who don't like as strong of vibration as I do (though you definitely do have to enjoy clitoral stimulation). The only downside is that since it is plug in only, it wouldn't work for taking on backpacking trips or to the beach. But there are other ways to have fun in those circumstances.
And I've changed the way I view it's appearance. Like all relationships not based on initial appearance, I have slowly grown fond of it's form after falling head over heals for its function. I now think of it as long white wand with a big, mushroom shaped head. Kinda like something else I enjoy.


  1. on the record saying the Hitachi is possibly the best FINISHER in the game right now.

  2. Ya, it's REALLY nice. I love their MYSTIC WAND, too. It's the cordless version of the Hitachi Wand.

  3. There is an accessory you can buy for it that makes it a variable speed toy instead of just high and low. I see some on eBay and a site called xbay if you search magic wand variable speed.