Monday, November 22, 2010

Somewhat Delightful

I have been testing out the Slimline G Orchid Delight, courtesy of Bliss Connection. This vibrator by Wildfire is unique in design from others that I own. It is created from a hard plastic and is completely rigid, a design that somewhat disturbs me since I prefer softer things in my sexual encounters, with the rigid stuff being used at the less pleasant gynocologist visits. While I have successfully achieved a number of orgasms with the Orchid Delight, I have mixed feelings about this toy.
The Orchid Delight is touted as a G-spot toy, and with a bulbus head and angled design, it certainly looks like it could be perfect, but alas for me it was not. I could barely feel it inside, perhaps because of the slim and smooth shaft there was minimal stimulation to my vagina during penetration.
Fear not dear readers, it worked well for clitoral stimulation. This toy has twist on power and can provide variable strengths of vibration, from low to pretty darn high. It was a strong enough intensity to really please me - but unfortunately even when I was able to stifle moans, the hard plastic made the vibration rather noisy. I do like that this toy is waterproof and have enjoyed it in the shower, where its own noises are drowned out.
I have also read that the Orchid Delight is enjoyable for anal stimulation and I can imagine that with the slim design and intense focused stimulation it could feel wonderful. I personally do not find anal play very arousing.
This is something I will use from time to time, especially in the shower, but it's not an all-time favorite.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mmmmmm nipples

I've had nipple clamps in the past. You know, the cheap kind that just open and shut and squeeze the life out of your sensitive little nips. After trying those a few times I thought I hated nipple clamps, so when I got a set in the mail a few weeks ago from Bliss Connection I was kind of disappointed and certain it was going to be a toy I wouldn't like. I was wrong.
These nipple clamps are different. Pipedream makes these adjustable "fetish fantasy series" alligator nipple clamps. You can choose the setting that matches your sensitivity the best - minimal pressure all the way to death grip. They look like real fetish gear, with a weighty chain connecting the shiny metal clamps covered with black soft rubber in the right places.
These clamps can be adjusted by tightening a screw (in each clamp) to decrease the pressure, or loosening it to increase the pressure. While I am aware that nipple clamps in the BD/SM world are often placed on the nipple at a low pressure setting and slowly loosened to increase the pressure, I could not tolerate this technique. While my nipples are not extremely sensitive, this kind of play was not enjoyable for me. Perhaps the springs on these clamps are also very sensitive, as they seemed to go from fun and painful to ouch with minimal adjustment.
Overall, I found this product to be a bit of spice for my sex life. I enjoy when the chain is pulled and like the way I look and feel having sex with the nipple clamps on. For the first time (and then a few more times in the past few weeks) I've really been turned on by this form of nipple play.
One word of caution with nipple clamps - they restrict (or cut off) blood flow to the nipples and should not be left on too long.