Thursday, February 10, 2011

On the Ball

Sex on an exercise ball?
Sounds like something the yoga, pilates and fitness nuts out there have probably tried. But I never dreamed that a sex specific variation of such balls existed. So when I opened the box from Bliss Connection and saw the Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Bondage Ball by Pipedream I thought it was just another gimmicky product.
The ball is black and made of plastic, rather than the rubber material of your typical exercise ball, feeling more like a pool raft. On each side there is a handle.
We followed the instructions and inflated it, at first trying by mouth, but soon gave up and used a hand pump. Unfortunately it fails my aesthetics test, as the ideal amount of air leaves the ball looking like a somewhat shriveled raisin. And sadly, it sat in our room unused for just over a month (admittedly, I was gone in Hawaii for three of those weeks).
I was also slightly scared of the ball for several reasons. The idea of placing my naked body on a cold plastic surface in winter was not appealing. I didn't really see how this ball was going to make sex any more enjoyable. I was scared that if we were both placing our weight on the ball it would suddenly pop and the fun of sex would be ruined by a broken tailbone. And what did the whole Bondage part of the name mean? Was I supposed to be tied to the handles? That seemed too athletic a feat even for me.
Now, after finally getting up the courage to play around on the ball, I'm just annoyed I didn't buck up and try it sooner. Let me tell you folks, this ball helps provide quite an amazing, wild ride.
Once I sat on the ball I realized it warmed right up. The buoyant and fluid movement it provided, rolling easily in all directions was really fun and relaxing. It allowed me to have lazy but very fulfilling sex, with more of my attention focused on my own pleasure. I do have to admit that there were one or two moments when I briefly lost my balance, but I was provided with the opportunity to get a slight abdominal workout with no real fear as I was fairly close to the floor. And yes, the ball could accommodate all of our body weight without popping (so far, at least). I still haven't figured out the bondage part of this toy, but I do like holding onto the handles and would be willing to to tied to them in a doggy-style position.
I found myself orgasming even more easily than usual while on this ball, which is saying something. Perhaps it's because I was more relaxed, or the angle was better or the rolling of the ball helped better synchronize my pelvic movements with my husband's. Whatever the reason, the ball made sex even fun and satisfying.
The variety in positions (lying on my back, sitting up, doggy-style over the ball) that are possible while on the ball was another pleasant surprise. I enjoyed the versatility, and being slightly ADD, liked that I could easily and quickly roll from one position to another. My husband however didn't have quite as much ability to vary his position and ended up with sore knees after the first go-round. A pillow for the male partner nicely complements this spicy piece of equipment.