Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cock whenever I want it

My newest toy lets me to get fucked practically anywhere.  It sticks to most surfaces, allowing for versatility in position.  I'm talking about the Basix 7.5 inch Suction Cup Dong from Pipedream.  Bliss Connection sent me this toy which I now affectionately refer to as Mr. Black.
This phthalate and latex-free, rubber toy is made in the USA.  The insertable part is 7.5 inches, but the toy is actually 8 inches all told since it contains the base of the penis with balls and a suction cup.  It is very thick at the head and tapers down a bit toward the base, allowing for maximal stimulation with penetration.  It was a little stinky when I pulled it from its functional but un-aesthetically pleasing packaging. Thankfully, I was able to quickly wash away the smell by bathing it for a few minutes.  Which is a good strategy for getting rid of the smell on any man's junk, right?
With a jelly-like texture, this toy feels and looks fairly lifelike which is both a turn-on and a little creepy.  The fact that it's a floating penis allows me to shut my eyes and fantasize about the guy it could be attached to, while not actually cheating on my husband or risking disease or pregnancy.  At the same time I might just as well have toys that don't look like dismembered body parts.  Also, if this were a real penis I were to have sex with, I'd hope it were a bit more perky.  I find that unless it's well lubricated, the penetration doesn't go so smoothly because it's slightly flaccid.  Also, what's up with the word dong?  I hate it - cock, dildo, and phallus are all much better options.  Dong just sounds goofy.  Think Long Duck Dong.
Aside from those complaints I have had some fun times.  I like how I can stick it to the bed-frame, shower wall, door, or floor and be the one in control.  I can do doggystyle, sitting, standing or lying down, depending on my mood.  I can start and stop when I want, taking pauses for clitoral stimulation with other toys while keeping this dong inside, without it going completely limp.  Using this girthy toy on the inside while achieving a blended orgasm (clitoral stimulation simultaneously) pleases me in an intense way.  While having sex I usually have a hard time keeping my clitoral toys in the right place to maintain the thrusting or movement that pleases my husband.  With this toy it's all about my needs while somehow still feeling more like the real deal than just a toy.
It is harness attachable so I could use it as a strap-on, though probably only vaginally because of it's girth.  I'll let you know how it goes if that situation arises.  For now I'll keep using it on myself, pretending I'm banging Denzel Washington, and wishing he were just slightly more turned on by our relations.