Saturday, May 28, 2011


I saw the beautiful Je Joue Ami while shopping at Good Vibrations and could not resist taking it home with me. I have to admit that I'm a bit of an exercise fanatic and perhaps that's in part why a vaginal toning device appeals to me. Having something that encourages me to exercise my pubococcygeus muscles is good motivation to actually do the work that leads to more enjoyable sex, stronger orgasms, and decreased incontinence.
I had never heard of the company Je Joue but am now thoroughly impressed with them, based on this product and touching their others at the store. They are new to the sex toy scene, having started with their first high end vibrator in 2008. The Ami, along with their 3 other offerings are all beautifully packaged, wonderfully luxurious feeling toys made from body safe silicone and ABS plastic. They are phthalate and latex free and designed with careful precision.
I love how each of the "exercisers" is carefully crafted to make this a successful incremental exercise program. The Ami 1 (1.65 ounces, 1.5" in diameter) is a single lightweight ball. It is the largest of the three and the easiest to keep in during Kegals (or housework for a more ambitious and multi-tasking approach). The Ami 2 and 3 are double ball toners that progress in weight while decreasing in size (2.75 ounces, 1.25" in diameter and 3" long, and 3.73 ounces, 1" in diameter and 2.75" long, respectively).  The balls inside the silicone casing move slightly, making for a very mild teasing "jingling" sensation if you move around while exercising.  I do wish the movement of the balls were more intense (perhaps smaller balls to allow for more movement) as it's not actually that noticeable or arousing.
There are countless ways to use these balls.  The most basic is to just do Kegals while they are inserted.  But each one also has a cord attached for simple removal, or resistance training.  A change in position or keeping them in during your day can also increase the challenge.
With few drops of lubricant on the Ami, I find that it's both easier to put in and provides more of a workout, since it has an easier time slipping out. I personally found the Ami 1 to be too large and light to be much in the way of exercise, though it does feel pretty good inside.  I find that I prefer the Ami 2 most of the time since it's heavier, and but still somewhat girthy which is pleasurable, while remaining a challenge. The Ami 3 and I are just getting to be friends - at times I still find it frustrating (and muscularly fatiguing) to use for more than a few minutes at a time.
I recently asked my husband if he could feel the results of my 2-3 times a week of vaginal workouts.  He gave me an uncertain look and said that sex recently had felt really good.  But, whether or not he's feeling the difference, I can certainly tell that the increased intensity of my PC muscle contractions during orgasm are providing me with more pleasure.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Paint, lick and repeat

The box of Kama Sutra Lover's Body Paint from Bliss Connection sat on my dresser for a long while.  I looked at the jar of milk chocolate and the little included paint brush, thinking that there wouldn't be any way this product would do anything for me and my sex-life.  My husband and I finally tried it a few weeks ago, quickly realizing that I had been mistaken.  Surely it was no orgasm in a box, but wherever my husband or I put it on each other we were guaranteed to do a thorough job licking, sucking or kissing it off.  The tender ritual that the use of this edible and delicious body paint created was quite enjoyable.
We started by placing the paint on breasts, necks, fingers and stomachs.  We were both smiling and laughing throughout.  After about 15 minutes I came to the realization that we were genuinely having fun, no longer just testing out the body paint because I felt obliged.  And who wouldn't have fun when chocolate and loving caresses are combined.  In fact it seems like the perfect addition to any truth or dare game.  Anyone wanna host a game?  I'll provide the body paint :)
The only downsides I found with regard to this product were that the chocolate is very thick, so when I tried to make specific designs with it, I was left a bit frustrated.  But I know that's not it's main purpose so I'll forgive this flaw.  The other problem is that we were left a bit sticky even if it was licked completely off, so a shower afterwards is essential.  Luckily showers are a great opportunity for continued passionate adventures - the only thing I need now is more time in which to have these romantic encounters.  Good thing I have this product staring me down and begging me to toss aside the tedium of everyday life and use it.