Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm not your candles and rose petals girl

I guess I'm kinda kinky.  Not hardcore, draw blood and leave large bruises all over my body kinky, but I'm not that big on romance in the traditional sense.  It just doesn't get me all that excited.  For that matter you can leave out a lot of the foreplay and I'll be happy too.  I like situations that bring me to my edge - some mild BD/SM.   A little something to get the adrenaline pumping - spanking, hair pulling, restraints.  Now perhaps you're wondering if I'm trying out a personal ad on my blog or my new self-summary for OK Cupid.  I'm not.
This is actually to provide you with a little background for my review of the Tantric Binding Love Universal Cuffs that I have been playing with courtesy of California Exotic Novelties.  This is a romantic looking bondage device (which in my mind screams VANILLA).  It is a loop of black ace bandage type material, sewn together in the middle to create two "cuffs."  It is universal in that the cuffs can stretch enough to fit anyone's arms or legs.  This one size fits all approach may be appealing in thought, but in practice it leaves much to be desired for those who actually enjoy being bound, as it is also trivial to wiggle free.
The other unique qualities of this toy are the red satin ribbon, both tied in a bow and separately attached to a heart shaped metal ring.  While these qualities may add a sensual component, they did little for me other than get in the way.  Also, when my husband tried to create some "intimate play" using the "T-ring" as the box suggested, he simply tore the stitching.  This cute novelty is just that, fun for those aroused by the thought bondage, but not actually wanting to be tied up. For a mere $12, couples wanting a simple role playing prop or a cheap way of finding out if bondage actually excites your romantic but conventional partner, this may be just the thing for you.

Cal Exotics Sexpert

I recently got selected to be a Sexpert for California Exotic Novelties!
This is super exciting since I really love some of the Cal Exotic products that I have reviewed in the past for Bliss Connection.  I love the title sexpert and think it suits me well - I'm sexually knowledgeable and sexy.  Just the day before yesterday I was at Squaw Valley in Tahoe snowboarding and was told by ski patrol that my being there made the mountain better.  Granted I was topless and being photographed for my calendar for next year, but it was great being appreciated.
Anyhow, this is just a PSA to let you know that I'll be posting more regularly again and you can follow me on Twitter @InbedLexi or friend me on Facebook (Lexi Larkspur).