Thursday, April 26, 2012

Silky smooth and she purrs

The brand new 7-Function Silicone Dream is lovely. I got a chance to try out this toy courtesy of CalExotics. It has several assets that help place it in my top 5 vibrators category. 1) It's made of a super smooth silicone that can be placed in the most sensitive areas for a long amount of time without irritation (read as half hour masturbation session with multiple orgasms and no chaffing). And to go along with it's nice tactile qualities, I find it auditorily pleasing in its quietness.  2) The 7 functions - 3 speeds, escalations and pulsations, provides me with options for varying moods as well as for my differing internal and external stimulation needs. Throughout one session I'd find myself changing between the settings, and with 7 options I was able to find the right thing for the moment, while not being overwhelmed by too many modes. 3) It's waterproof. Who doesn't love toys made for the shower. One of my favorite places to escape for some private time. And being waterproof means that it's also super easy to clean. 4) The handle on the Silicone Dream is also really easy to hold onto. This means that it works well for me to use both on my clitoris and for penetration. It has a bulbus shape at the base that provides easy and comfortable holding so my hand never got tired. 5) It has girth! And some length. This is important to me when I'm planning it use a toy for penetration. It's 6.25" x 1.75". It is also ribbed and pliable which are nice qualities, but doesn't matter too much to me. The 3 things that make it less than perfect are that it doesn't have a kill button to shut it off instantly (you do have to cycle through all the settings to shut it off). It can't be used internally and externally at the same time, and in my opinion the strongest setting could have been a little stronger. But then again, I say that about almost all vibrators.