Monday, June 25, 2012

Hawt and cold

With summer officially here, it seems like the perfect time to bring on the ice cold sex toys. CalExotics has kindly helped by letting me try out their Foreplay Ice Chill Massager.  This is a silicone toy that sits in a textured base in your freezer to provide fun teasing partner play.  A small metal vibrator fits into one end of the silicone to add stimulation to the experience.
On the back patio or in a chaise lounge next to a pool this toy is awesome.  The heat of the day burning onto minimally clothed bodies and a kiss begins the ritual. He leans over and our soft lips meet.  He grabs my bikini top that I placed next to me and ties it over my eyes.  "I'll be right back" he whispers in my ear. Inside the house he grabs the Foreplay Ice Chill Massager from the freezer.  He removes it from the base, ice glistening all over it.  I'm sitting there quietly, biting my lower lip with the blindfold still on.
He places the toy on my stomach and I shiver at the sudden chill.  He giggles slightly and begins drawing shapes on my lower abdomen.  I reach for it and he stops what he's doing and ties my hands behind me with rope he must have gotten from inside as well.
He returns to teasing me, now lowering my bikini bottoms.  Ice is now melting and dripping down my sides and between my thighs.  I shiver again.  He slowly moves toward my clitoris and I gasp.  My legs tremble with anticipation and he moves back to my stomach and around my breasts.  I moan a little.  Eventually, after a few minutes, he returns to my clit and adds the vibration.  This is a fun teasing feeling, but that's where it ends.  On to the main course :)
While I enjoyed the tantalizing fun that could be had with this toy, there were a few drawbacks.  This is not for indoor play as it melts and makes a mess on the bed.  The vibration is mild enough (3 watch batteries) that it was almost not noticeable for me through the silicone and ice. You must keep this in your freezer if you want to use it (both requiring foresight and possibly having to explain to your mother-in-law or babysitter that the weird purple and white icy thing in the freezer is not a fancy icepack for your children's injuries).