Thursday, April 25, 2013

Living on my Nightstand

It is not often that a new toy replaces my Hitachi Magic Wand. Of course I am willing to try new things and sometimes they work better in certain situations, such as with a partner or if I want a slow long buildup, but sooner or later I return to my old faithful. In February I got pleasantly surprised. CalExotics sent me the Jumpin' Gyrator Power Scoop (kinda lame name in my opinion since there is neither jumping or gyrating involved in the toy - though perhaps it's talking about the user's response). I tried out this toy for longer than usual since I wanted to know if it was really as good as I initially found it to be.
The Jumpin' Gyrator has not disappointed me. It continues to live on my nightstand (despite my husband's fear that someone will see it) and is the toy I reach for 80% of the time these days. It is the perfect combination of size and power. It uses 3 AA batteries which seems pretty amazing considering the amount of vibration it produces. The whole toy vibrates in a quiet manner yet get-the-job-done-quickly manner. The single button on the bottom of the vibrator easily allows you to cycle through the 2 speeds, but is thankfully not so sensitive that you might accidentally change settings. It is made of ABS with Polyurethane to give it a soft, satin finish. The smoothness certainly feels good against the skin. And since it is waterproof, using it directly on my body in the shower is a lot of fun. Size-wise it is nice and girthy for penetration and long enough, at 6.5 inches for insertion and 1.75 inches around.
One of the surprising nice features of this toy is the scoop. I have never seen a vibrator that had a head with this shape and would never have thought it would make a difference, but wow. The indentation cups all female curves so nicely, from the clitoris to the nipples to the g-spot, it fit perfectly. This is definitely a keeper for me.
The only warnings I would give are - this may not be the best first vibrator since it is girthy and provides intense vibration, otherwise this toy rocks!