Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My moment as Anastasia

This month California Exotic Novelties is doing a 50 Shades of Grey theme. Upon hearing that and deciding that I might want to have a little context for the toy I would receive from them, I began reading the trilogy.I had some strong feelings about the books, most of those will be saved for my review of the trilogy. For the purpose of this post, what stood out was which toy I would most like to receive. I spent the rest of the month hoping beyond hope that I would get to try out CalExotic's equivalent to the "silver balls" that Anastasia found so mindblowingly stimulating - 
“ don’t mind if I spank you?” “Spank me with what?” “This.” He holds up his hand. I squirm uncomfortably. “No, not really. Especially with those silver balls . . .” Thank heavens it’s dark, my face is flaming and my voice trails off as I recall that night. Yeah . . . I’d do that again. He smirks at me. “Yes, that was fun.” “More than fun,” I mutter. “So you can deal with some pain.” I shrug. “Yes, I suppose.”
The balls were something new to me.  Sure, I've used vaginal exercise balls, but pleasure balls.  Also, my feelings seemed to match Anastasia's with regard to liking a little pain, especially from a nice spanking, and if these balls enhance a spanking, I'd be all in.
To my great excitement, I received the Lia Love Balls. This is set of 2 connected and weighted, silicone pleasure balls. Although they do not come in silver, like in 50 Shades (either purple or pink), they did not disappoint.  
I have now worn them around the house and out a couple times. I have worn them during some gentle sex, masturbation and while being spanked. They are an accessory that goes with almost any occasion. The weighted balls moving freely in the silicone casing feel wonderfully titillating. Add to that the quick jolt of a spank and it is highly arousing.  While I couldn't tolerate full penetration with the balls in, it was a unique feeling to have the ball move around in a massaging manner during partial penetration. Placing them inside my vagina during masturbation heightened the sensations and pulling them out at the moment of climax certainly amplified the orgasm. 
They do make a bit of a jingling noise while being jostled around by walking which can both raise the excitement level and be somewhat disconcerting. But overall, I found the Love Balls to be a nice accessory to a sex life, something to make you long for the main dish with your very own Christian Grey.