Monday, December 3, 2012

Posh Butterfly

I've tried little Butterfly shaped and wearable toys before. In fact you can find my review of another Butterfly here. So when I got the package in the mail from CalExotics and opened it my first thought was I already have one of these. But the Posh Butterfly is quite amazing. The vibration was strong enough for me to have an orgasm without much work, which is saying something for a toy that looks more novelty-esque than power-tool.
The Posh Butterfly is a 10 speed silicone toy, shaped like a small butterfly that fits right over the clitoris with little antennae that vibrate as well. It has straps for the waist and legs that fit fairly comfortably. The control box is attached by a wire and is powered by 2AA batteries.
This butterfly has almost all the qualities I was dreaming of (and some I didn't even think to wish for) when problem solving upgrades/fixes to the last butterfly I reviewed. I love that this toy has 3 speeds and 7 escalations and pulsations. The variety is perfect for slowly and effortlessly building to a great orgasm. Plus the power button is designed as a kill switch, so if I'm worried my kids have woken up from a nap while I'm off relieving some stress, I can suddenly stop my fun and get back to exactly where I left off once I've checked that the coast is clear.
The straps are long enough to adjust easily for someone my size and larger. They are also wider and softer than others I've tried, so they don't dig in as much. And this butterfly does a good job of staying in place during masturbation or intercourse for easy movement. The butterfly is also nicely curved so that it fits right over the clitoris (a design that to me says made by a woman).
I would highly recommend this little toy. The only shortcoming I found was that once again it is not cordless. While my partner can control the vibration, I think I'd find this toy to be so much more thrilling if my lover could hold the little box from across the room and surprise me with random jolts of pleasure.