Sunday, January 16, 2011

Let's Make Love

A sensual massage is supposed to be just that - appealing to the senses. And while I feel like an advertisement saying this, I highly recommend the Making Love Massage Oil.  It will certainly help set the mood for giving and getting more frequent massages, and may lead to some good nookie.  I purchased this product from Bliss Connection after tasting each of the flavors at a Bliss pleasure party that I hosted. It feels, smells, and tastes great.  Containing vegetable oils, ginseng and vitamin E, this product is not too thick or greasy.  It remains slick throughout long massages which is wonderful and seeps nicely into the skin for a pleasant post massage feel.   It comes in Kiwi Pineapple, Vanilla and Strawberry & Champagne, so licking it off your partner can be as much fun as rubbing it in.  I found each flavor to taste more like the real thing than I had expected, not the artificial fruity flavors in medicines or at the dentist's office.  Being a huge fan of vanilla I ended up selecting that flavor.  I find that the oil reminds me of vanilla/sugar cookies.
My only problem is that like all oils, while it feels good on the skin, it does tend to leave grease stains on the sheets if we go straight into the main event without showering - though showers certainly can be part of the foreplay.  It's just sometimes hard to carve out that much time on an average night, so for us this massage oil has remained a spicy treat when used for whole body massage.  Another idea for simple, everyday use of this product is during oral sex, as a fun form of lubrication with a great taste that makes you want to keep on licking that lollipop.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Key Party

This is the continuation of Keys, last month's fictional story.

Amy sent the email invitation that night and checked frequently for responses. With the party date set for slightly over 2 weeks out she didn't have to wait long for all but Mike and Katie's reply. Three days before the party she got a call from Mike asking if it was too late to respond and explaining that they'd been on a Doctors Without Borders trip to Peru. Amy quickly assured them that they could come, glad that the absence of a response wasn't a lack of interest as she had feared, and feeling her heart race slightly with her schoolgirl crush.
Saturday evening finally came and couples began arriving around 7:30pm. Amy had coffee based drinks and desserts set out on the table. Even though everyone was there by 8:10, she gave them a few more minutes of casual mingling before asking if they could gather in the living room. She watched as the couples sat down, most of them next to the person with whom they had come, with a few notable exceptions. Liza sat down next to Keith, and Erin squeezed onto the edge of the couch next to Mike who had his arm around his wife, Katie. Dan was seated alone on the floor with his back against the couch, beneath his wife, Liza.
"Ok" Amy started, "we all know this is a key party and as such I have placed nine keys, one engraved with each man's name, in this pillowcase. We'll have each woman draw a key out of the pillowcase and you'll go home with that guy. You must return your date home tomorrow between 10am and 11am. There will be no questions, no exceptions and no exchanges. You are here because you are okay with any outcome, though I'm sure many of us are hoping for a particular one."
Everyone smiled, some nervously.
Amy started passing the pillowcase in a clockwise direction.
Raven took a key and sat silently, giving the pillowcase to Annette. All was quiet until Erin (the fourth woman) took her key.
"Well I'm ready," she stated and squeezed Mike's knee. He shot her a smile and everyone laughed.
The silence had seemed weighty and Amy was nervous that it meant people were unsatisfied with the key they had gotten or unsure of how to proceed. With this lightening of the mood, she took the opportunity to explain that everyone could hang out and get some more food and drinks until 9pm, at which point everyone was to have found their partner and left.
Amy drew her key last. Dan's name was on the key, and while she was relieved it wasn't Keith or Jim, she was a little sad that it also wasn't Rob or Mike.
Conversations started up again as people coupled up or asked whose key the women had gotten. By 8:50 most couples for the night had left. Ashley and Jon, Annette and Tim, and Amy and Dan were the only ones still talking in the kitchen.
"You don't have to play hostess anymore" Tim teased Amy, "I think I've got it covered."
"I'm sure you do" she responded, her mouth curling into a smile as she raised one eyebrow, "Just don't do anything I wouldn't do."
Amy grasped Dan's awaiting hand and were followed out the door by Ashley and Jon.
"Have a good night" Jon called as he and Ashley crossed the street to his car.
Dan's first generation Prius drove them smoothly and quietly the 4-5 miles to his house. They occasionally smiled at each other or made chit-chat, but it quickly fizzled out after brief answers.
Walking toward the house, Amy wondered whether Dan was shy, nervous or lacking interest in her. She hoped this would be more fun than awkward.
Dan and Liza's place was modest, a two bedroom condo, one room appeared to be primarily Liza's office with a smaller desk on one side that might have been Dan's workspace. The interior looked fairly new, but from the look of the complex, Amy thought it must have been a remodel.
"Would you like something to eat or drink?" Dan offered.
"I think I'm fine" Amy responded, "but I would like to use your bathroom. Where is it?"
"It's right here" Dan motioned, walking her through the bedroom.
When Amy returned, Dan was sitting on the bed.
"We've never done this before" he said looking at the ground, "and to be honest, I'd always thought myself to be a conventional one woman kinda guy."
"Oh?" said Amy feeling this great idea might not work out after all.
"Yeah" Dan responded nodding his head. "But Liza and I have been together since our freshman year of college, fifteen years ago, and we both need a change to our regular old routine, something to spark our sexuality again."
"So does this still seem like something you want to do?" Amy asked, making sure that it was going to be fun and not forced.
"I think so. I mean damn, what guy wouldn't want to fuck you." Dan responded, looking Amy in the eye and smiling. He really did have a winning smile and Amy couldn't wait to run her fingers through his longish hair. She leaned forward and rubbed his arm lightly. The signal worked and he responded, leaning in, their lips met for a long first kiss. By the time they separated the remains of tension in the air were gone.
Dan slowly opened the small buttons on the front of Amy's blouse, as if he was savoring every second. The anticipation was building, and with it Amy was becoming rapidly wetter. As they kissed again, her hands exploring the unfamiliar features of his body. She smiled mid-kiss as her hand brushed the swollen mass in his pants.
"What's that smile for?" Dan whispered.
"You're big" Amy responded. "Bet you've heard that before."
"Perhaps" Dan chuckled.
Amy ran her fingers along the outline of his cock and watched it throb, as if trying to escape from his pants. She shook off the sleeves of her shirt and as it fell to the ground behind her, she slithered off the edge of the bed, her chest now rubbing against him. She unzipped his fly and reached in, pulling out his eager cock. He was large, and the tip was glistening with drips of excitement. She rubbed her hand along it and then put her finger to her mouth, tasting his juices.
He moaned with exquisite and burning anticipation. She leaned forward and breathed on his cock, teasing him. He reached down, unable to contain himself. Grabbing under her arms, he picked Amy up and placed her on her back on the bed. He straddled her and reaching down unfastened her bra. Moments later, they were both naked, having frantically removed each other's remaining clothing.
Dan slid his fingers inside Amy as their lips met and she caressed his silky hair. Never before would she have thought him her type, but as spasms of ecstasy raced through her body, she found herself pleasantly surprised. He definitely knew a thing or two about pussy pleasing.
"Ok" Amy said in gasps as she gently pushed Dan onto his back, "now it's your turn."
She took as much of his engorged member in her mouth as possible and realized that she'd have to keep one hand around the base to deal with the bottom third. Soon saliva was dripped down, wetting him completely. His hips began trusting rhythmically. Amy could tell he was close.
"Do you wanna cum on my breasts?" she asked smiling.
"Oh. Yes" he moaned, as cum started shooting out, hitting her supple and perky C cup breasts. Amy couldn't help but lick his cock as he finished and cum dripped down. She found there to be something so wonderful about that degree of intimacy. She looked at him and grinned.
"Damn, I thought we were supposed to go all the way tonight" Dan said sitting up.
"Well it's only 11:30" Amy replied, looking at the clock on the bedside table. "You can cum again in the next 11 hours, right?"
"Yeah. This will just increase the amount of time we can have sex for" Dan smiled, already getting visibly hard again.
Amy could tell from his mischievous and horny grin that there would be very little sleeping that night.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hardcore sexting

[Ed. Please let me introduce Catalyst, a guest blogger and friend who is sharing her most private and juicy texts with us. This is the kind of stuff we've all secretly fantasized about writing and receiving. Lucky for her, this is from her real life. -Lexi]

K: Sorry, hope I’m not killing your mood by texting you so much. I’m just up at SMBT in the crazy weather thinking about being naked with you playing with your entire body.
K: What are you up to today?
C: Hanging out with my brother- tomorrow let’s fuck!
K: Ok, you down for sure?
K: You gotta check this out! I want to do this with you!
C: Hey- what time do you want to come over tomorrow?
K: 12 or 12:30. cool?
C: Yeah
K: Cool. You into this?
C: I haven’t checked out the website yet- I will tonight.
K: It’s hot. I want to do it with you!!
C: That shit is pretty crazy- I liked the last one where the chick straight up farts on the dude’s face- I didn’t know dudes like to swallow their own cum.
K: Yeah it’s kinda crazy. I’ll definitely lick cum off of you though. I am so excited to fuck you for hours!!! No rush or worries, just playing and fucking hard!!!

More juicy stuff after the break

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Life is short. Have a what?

The first time I visited the Ashley Madison website, I couldn't believe that was their tagline - Life is short. Have an affair.
I had heard about the service before and thus wasn't shocked by it's existence, but I was amazed that they would actively flaunt and sell their service as something that married people need. I have no problem with non-monogamous relationships, but I just don't fancy the dishonesty that having an affair implies.
For research purposes (to more thoroughly understand what Ashley Madison is like) my husband and I decided we would join the website and were soon get winked at, given virtual gifts, provided with keys to private photo showcases and emailed constantly (mostly by people we would never want to hook up with even if it was all out in the open).
The crazy thing about the service is that people pay a significant amount of money looking for someone with whom to have an affair - they charge credits to do almost anything. In order to possibly find someone, or even to get a basic response you have to send out lots of requests, each of which costs money. The service appears to give women the upper-hand, with men needing to sow more email seeds to get anywhere.
I have had fun browsing through the profiles, looking at some naughty private showcases and watching fleeting fantasies about a few of the guys drift through my head. I guess it's just the eHarmony,, or OkCupid of the cheating world. Once upon a time in college I had fun fantasizing my way through online dating profiles as well, but for me that kind of connection feels distant and slightly creepy. Also, I feel slightly nervous that I'll end up seeing a profile for some married man I know. And then what?
I know tons of people have met through online dating sites and made wonderful and fulfilling connections, and I'm sure Ashley Madison is no different. I, however think I'll stick to the real world and have my extra-marital relations with people who are open and honest in their relationships and the boundaries they and their partners have set together.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sex across the country

A goal of mine several years ago was to have sex in 10 states. I've now passed that and am at 11. I guess it's time for a road trip to see just how many states (not dates) I can pick up along the way.

States I have:
New York
Rhode Island

And for good measure I'll put the countries I have: