Sunday, August 22, 2010

A pleasurable party indeed

Last week I hosted a Bliss Pleasure Party. I had never hosted a pleasure party or even attended one, but I felt that I was up to the task since I love most things dealing with sex, women, dessert and drinks. I decided to make the theme for the party be Sexy Little Secret and the partygoers wore some sexy little thing (jewelry, perfume, clothing, shoes or some other accessory). At one break some ladies even provided a peek at their sexy little bras and panties.
I made a variety of drinks - Jello shots with various secret ingredients, sangria, and a punch that Chrystal our "sexpert" gave me the recipe for called Pink Panty Dropper Punch. And as you can guess, with all these drinkies my talkative friends became even a little more loquacious.
I invited a fun group of ladies and 12 of them graced us with their presence. The guests brought sexy desserts that had secret ingredients such as chocolate cookies with a cherry inside, blowjob shots, creamy balls (cream puffs) and drunken watermelon salad (that tasted like watermelon mojitos). Shortly before the first guests arrived Chrystal pulled up with her mobile sex-toy emporium. She quickly and unobtrusively went to work turning my bedroom into a sex toy store. I regret to say that my bedroom will probably rarely have the potential for that much fun - vibrators, lotions, bondage gear, male masturbation toys and much, much more.
Chrystal also set up my living room beautifully for the presentation portion of the evening. After an hour of socializing with friends and partaking of food and drink, we took our seats for the talk. I honestly did not know what to expect, I liked the interactions that I'd had with Chrystal and was hoping that she'd make good her promise of making the presentation more than just a sales pitch.
Chrystal had done a good job taking the social temperature while we had been hanging out and seamlessly kept the same vibe throughout the presentation. She had a way of making us all feel like friends (even though some had never met each other before), comfortable and able to talk about anything. She started with introductions and a game which resulted in everyone getting a good case of the giggles and 2 lucky ladies winning little vibrating prizes.
The presentation was clearly organized with each person getting a menu (specifically designed for my party) with all of the items that would be shown and discussed. The order in which the items on the menu were presented was perfect for creating a lusty and aroused mood. Chrystal starting with the foreplay and stimulating goods and ending with the powertools. She passed around each of the items and let us touch, taste, smell, or play with each product as was appropriate. She also described her experience with the products as well as other people's reviews. The full sensory experience of having the toys and mood enhancers right there helped me to get a much better idea of what I would truly enjoy. And everything that I bought has been used repeatedly in the week since the party.
After the presentation Chrystal met with each woman who wanted to purchase something in my bedroom (sex toy store) so that they could privately place orders and get their wares. Because Chrystal carries so much with her we all got most of our things right then and there which makes the night of the party all the more fun, especially if there's an eager partner waiting for you at home. The presence of our new supplies encouraged us to excitedly have sex twice in the 12 hours following the party (which is unusual because of our chaotic lifestyle, due largely to our early-rising young children). In all ways the party and its aftereffects surpassed my expectations.


  1. Hey met you at Des' party. You grabbed my butt (a few times). Do you remember? :)

  2. I do have a butt fetish. Thanks for obliging. Hope you're enjoying my blog.

  3. I am enjoying your blog. :) I wanted to ask you something outside of comments. Maybe you can e-mail me if you're so inclined:

  4. Thanks for the shout out, Lexi. So glad you enjoyed your Bliss Pleasure Party.