Saturday, August 14, 2010

All tied up

We have been busy testing out the Beginner's Bondage Fantasy from Sportsheets, thanks to Bliss Connection. This beginner bondage set is just that, a comfortable (velvety textured restraints) and fun introduction. It comes with 4 wrist or ankle restraints (no difference between the two and one size does seem to fit all) and a blindfold. We have found them to be soft and durable, a well-made product.
We attached them onto our bedframe and after a little tussle over who was going to get strapped down, I found my wrists and ankles restrained. It reminded me of the time I mud-wrestled my husband in college and ended up above his head before being covered in mud. With the blindfold over my eyes I was in total darkness. As he started toying with my restrained body, I attempted to wiggle out of the bondage. Previously we had mainly used karate belts as restraints, and while they are functional, they are neither the most comfortable or challenging to get out of. This was completely different. I felt no pain where the straps rubbed and pulled, but I was totally unable to get free even though they appear to have basic velcro closures.
We had a great time with the change up in routine, my husband even used my vibrator on me - so intense without having control. And after I was released the sex was amazing. Having my senses back after the deprivation made everything so much more intense and enjoyable. A few days later I got to turn the tables and restrain my husband. He's not much of a bottom, but did a nice job letting me play with him - and once he was tied down he also couldn't break free.
This bondage set is a gentle, low cost way to try out restraints. It makes the experience as tame as petting a lion, soft as a kitty's fur, but impossible to escape from if the cat is hungry. Our only complaint is that the straps were a little on the short side, though I hear that if you don't have a bedframe, you can attach them to each other which would fix that problem. We will likely keep these attached to our bedframe for the foreseeable future (until our children ask us what they are) and use them from time to time to keep boredom from creeping into our sex life.

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  1. SO glad you enjoyed the Beginner's Bondage Lexi. They are very well made by an awesome company in Southern California called SportSheets. I am going to share your review on their facebook fan page, too.

    Your readers can buy their own Beginner's Bondage on our online sex toy store and they can use the discount coupon code LEXI for 15% off.

    Thanks Lexi! WE look forward to more fun stories of you and your husband enjoying the Beginner's Bondage set. We think the blindfold rocks.

    Blissfully, Chrystal