Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No More Sucking Please

I feel that I need to put a couple of disclaimers at the beginning of this review as my opinion is definitely skewed. If you love nipple stimulation then you may want to ignore my review totally and try out this toy (with a partner).
I have recently (think 3.5 of the past 4 years) breastfed two children and used a breast-pump in addition, for when I was away at work as well as pumping milk for a friend's adopted baby. I got used to the feeling of suction on my breasts meaning that I was sustaining little human beings and not part of sexual play.
Also, for most of my adult life (even prior to having children) I was part of the 5% of people who just happen to lactate for no reason. This meant that milk could be expressed with minimal nipple stimulation - not something either my partner or I found sexually appealing (though I appreciate that some people do).
So now onto the toy I recently tried out courtesy of Bliss Connection - the Nipple Suckers. This cute little pink device, made by Pipedream is intended to increase the size and sensitivity of nipples. When the suction cups are placed over the nipples and the medical style pump ball is squeezed, the nipples immediately plump up. The less pleasant part of when I do it is that milk still comes out. And I'm over milk coming out of my nipples, at least for now.
I found that getting the suction cups to attach to my nipples was a very frustrating, if not an impossible feat for me to do alone. They had to both make a seal at the same time which seems like a poor design. However, with another person's assistance I was able to easily get them attached and pumped up. I did enjoy the tingly sensation that the suction created and the resulting large, eraser shaped nipples. My favorite feature is that once you either make the suction too intense or are done, there is an easy release valve that immediately breaks the seal.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wicked Sexy

You may have noticed the unusual and sexy (if I do say so myself) underwear I wore in my last post. I enjoy collecting and wearing panties and found these Chastity Heart ones at Wicked Temptations. They are part of a set that comes with heart shaped pasties. I know this is another photo of the back of these underwear, but really that's the most interesting part, with the front just being a very minimally covering strip of fabric that is actually somewhat uncomfortable.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Thanks to Bliss Connection, I have recently been orgasming with the aide of the Slender Sensations vibrator. This toy is a very thin and powerful little gem. At 6 inches in length, it's the size of the presidentially famous cigar, and little bigger than a pen. I was able to easily tote this vibrator with me on my vacation to Maui in my purse.
California Exotics has pleased me with several of their products, and this one is no different. Made of phthalate-free hard plastic, this vibrator actually felt comfortable both inside of me and out, and did not have any smell. The multi-speed functionality is controlled by twisting the bottom, and while I sometimes have a problem with this style of vibrator because the setting slips with accidental finger movement, I have not had this happen to me even once with this toy. Perhaps it will become looser over time, but right now it works perfectly.
I've found that with it's lack of girth, it does minimally well on my g-spot, but is amazing on my clit. The tip is tapered making it ideal for intensely stimulating the exact right spot. I've read that when inserted with a penis it can be a great g-spot addition, but found that with the size of my spouse's member this was not feasible, and only painful.
The one problem I have with the Slender Sensations is that if I get excited and press it more firmly against my clitoris sometimes the power decreases because of a faulty electrical connection. I've also heard that it's very easily broken by any water entering it, so this is definitely a wipe to clean toy. And speaking of that, baby wipes (any brand) are the best choice for cleaning your intimate toys as they work well, prevent the destruction that water can cause, can be kept right in the bedroom and are cheap.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Amy and her boyfriend, Tim, had been itching for some fun. They'd posted an ad on craigslist for couples who'd be interested in attending a '70s style swinger key party. There had been a good number of responses, with a relatively few being skeezy. Amy decided to host an afternoon get-together with the interested people first, to scope out the true fuckability of the potential couples and get let everyone get to know each other a little first.
Culinary endeavors had always been a hobby for Amy and she felt that setting the mood with an aphrodisiac spread would help move things in the right direction. She made Blushing Ladies to drink, a papaya and pomegranate salad with ginger dressing, and chocolate fondue to be shuttled to the mouth with a variety of sliced fruits. At 3:30 in the afternoon Amy glanced at the clock, and then picked up the phone.
"Hey Tim" she said, speaking quickly. "Half an hour until our little soiree." She paused, listening. "I didn't think you forgot. I just wanted to make sure you were leaving work now." "Ok, see you soon then." She hung up the phone and looked around.
Everything on the table looked great, but catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror, realized she was a mess. She had half an hour to bathe and shave, dress and do her hair and make-up. Amy ran upstairs, quickly shedding clothing on her way down the hall. She turned on the shower and removed her hairband, shaking her long wavy brown hair loose. Grabbing some soap, she stepped under the water and rubbed her body, starting at her neck. She made little circles as she worked her way down her arms, over her breasts, stomach, shortly trimmed bush and long, toned legs. As she pulled out her razor and lifted a leg, she began to think about what the upcoming event would be like. She was hoping it would feel like everyone was placed in a simmering pot - lots of coy glances, steamy conversation and perhaps little suggestive hugs and kisses goodbye. The one rule Amy had made clear in the invitation was that no real action was to take place, that was to be saved for the real party, for those who were asked back.
The doorbell rang as she was putting on her earrings. She looked at the clock - 3:57. "At least I'm ready" she mumbled, "even if Tim's not home yet." Halfway down the stairs Amy stopped and smiled. Tim was home and had already answered the door. He was dressed fabulously in a tight black t-shirt that accentuated his muscular arms, and designer jeans which showed off his firm ass, from where Amy was standing.
"This is Keith and Erin" Tim said to Amy as she approached the entryway. Amy smiled, "glad to finally meet you both. It seems like we already know each other after all our back and forth emailing." While casual conversation between the two couples flowed easily, Amy couldn't help but feel a little disappointment. Neither was her type - both worked in real estate and somehow had a layer of sales grease stuck to them like pomade. "Oh well" she thought, "there's still 7 more couples."
Within 2o minutes only 1 couple was missing and Amy's mood had risen. There were definitely potential winners. Rob, the fireman and his wife Annette, a personal trainer probably ranked at the top of her list. Being blonde, Rob was not her usual type, but Amy felt she could make an exception for that body and deep sexy voice. Annette's high and squeaky voice however was her only visible shortcoming.
The other top ranking man was Mike, a suit wearing, pager carrying doctor. At 5'9" he was the shortest of the men, but his beaming smile, confidant demeanor and mildly Asian appearance, had Amy swooning. She glanced over at Mike who was talking to Tim, and the two men smiling at her across the table made her instantly blush. Escaping to the kitchen with an empty dish, Amy took a drink of water and fanned her face. Suddenly this key party idea seemed even more amazing. She took a few deep breaths and headed back out, toward the lively chatter of happy and engaged guests.
The last couple to arrive, Dan and Liza seemed average to Amy in every way. He was a 7th grade teacher and she, a freelance journalist. They were both slightly reserved, quickly placing themselves with one of the larger groups of people talking, each with an arm around the other and primarily listening to the conversation. Occasionally one or both of them would be asked a question and a concise reply would be given. Dan had shoulder length light brown hair that was tied in a ponytail and Liza's short chestnut hair framed her face.
Amy flitted around the gathering making sure everyone's needs were met. She didn't have much time to dive deeply into conversation with anyone, but did feel that she got a sense of whom her guests were. She felt a little bad for the long meat market glances that she (and others) couldn't help themselves from taking. But she figured it fair-play in this kind of a game.
By 6pm everyone was gone. Amy shut the door as the last 2 couples left and leaned up against it and sighing in dreamy exhaustion. The anticipation and preparation for the event had worn her out, and the remaining energy she'd reserved had all been used up hosting and fantasizing.
Tim walked up, running his hands from Amy's hips to her torso and back down. Pressing himself up against her and sliding his hands over her round and less than perfectly toned ass he whispered, "You did good, hostess."
"Thanks" she whispered back breathily in his ear. Then her smile faded and she bit the corner of her lip, the way she always did when something bothered her.
"What's up baby?" Tim questioned.
"Do we invite everyone?" I really don't want to end up with Keith."
Tim smiled, "It's only a one in eight chance that you'll choose his keys. Besides Katie and Liza both kept eyeing him, and I can tell you want Katie to be happy."
Amy rolled her eyes, but Tim did have a point, if Katie was happy Mike would be
"I guess there's someone for everyone" Amy responded. "Ok, I guess we'll invite them all and hope that lady luck likes me."

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lacking sensual love

I love the Silver Bullet, a plain and simple, no frills toy. It's not cute or fancy, but it is cheap and gets the job done. But of course with such a good and basic design, companies are going to spruce it up, change it, and in my opinion, overdress it.
There are variations on the bullet that please me, but the Sensual Lover's Ring was not one of them. My husband and I spent a few weeks experimenting with this toy, courtesy of Bliss Connection, trying to find a way that would allow us to have a pleasurable experience. I believe that we failed to enjoy it for a few reasons.
The Sensual Lover's Ring is a cock ring made of a jelly material with the bullet encased in the plastic as well. There are bumps/nubs on the plastic covering the bullet to enhance the tactile experience. Neither my husband (when the bullet was over his perineum) or me (with the bullet on my clitoris) found the bumps pleasurable (they were pokey and painful).
It also turns out that my husband does not enjoy vibration, so using this toy while giving him a blow job was distracting and didn't enhance or speed things up, which I've heard really works wonders if the male enjoys vibration.
Honestly, if I were to choose a toy made from a bullet to pleasure myself during sex, it'd be the Micro Butterfly. It's compact, has 3 discreet settings and does not move away from my clit for a second.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Somewhat Delightful

I have been testing out the Slimline G Orchid Delight, courtesy of Bliss Connection. This vibrator by Wildfire is unique in design from others that I own. It is created from a hard plastic and is completely rigid, a design that somewhat disturbs me since I prefer softer things in my sexual encounters, with the rigid stuff being used at the less pleasant gynocologist visits. While I have successfully achieved a number of orgasms with the Orchid Delight, I have mixed feelings about this toy.
The Orchid Delight is touted as a G-spot toy, and with a bulbus head and angled design, it certainly looks like it could be perfect, but alas for me it was not. I could barely feel it inside, perhaps because of the slim and smooth shaft there was minimal stimulation to my vagina during penetration.
Fear not dear readers, it worked well for clitoral stimulation. This toy has twist on power and can provide variable strengths of vibration, from low to pretty darn high. It was a strong enough intensity to really please me - but unfortunately even when I was able to stifle moans, the hard plastic made the vibration rather noisy. I do like that this toy is waterproof and have enjoyed it in the shower, where its own noises are drowned out.
I have also read that the Orchid Delight is enjoyable for anal stimulation and I can imagine that with the slim design and intense focused stimulation it could feel wonderful. I personally do not find anal play very arousing.
This is something I will use from time to time, especially in the shower, but it's not an all-time favorite.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mmmmmm nipples

I've had nipple clamps in the past. You know, the cheap kind that just open and shut and squeeze the life out of your sensitive little nips. After trying those a few times I thought I hated nipple clamps, so when I got a set in the mail a few weeks ago from Bliss Connection I was kind of disappointed and certain it was going to be a toy I wouldn't like. I was wrong.
These nipple clamps are different. Pipedream makes these adjustable "fetish fantasy series" alligator nipple clamps. You can choose the setting that matches your sensitivity the best - minimal pressure all the way to death grip. They look like real fetish gear, with a weighty chain connecting the shiny metal clamps covered with black soft rubber in the right places.
These clamps can be adjusted by tightening a screw (in each clamp) to decrease the pressure, or loosening it to increase the pressure. While I am aware that nipple clamps in the BD/SM world are often placed on the nipple at a low pressure setting and slowly loosened to increase the pressure, I could not tolerate this technique. While my nipples are not extremely sensitive, this kind of play was not enjoyable for me. Perhaps the springs on these clamps are also very sensitive, as they seemed to go from fun and painful to ouch with minimal adjustment.
Overall, I found this product to be a bit of spice for my sex life. I enjoy when the chain is pulled and like the way I look and feel having sex with the nipple clamps on. For the first time (and then a few more times in the past few weeks) I've really been turned on by this form of nipple play.
One word of caution with nipple clamps - they restrict (or cut off) blood flow to the nipples and should not be left on too long.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Only at Folsom Street Fair

I've been to the Folsom Street Fair 5 out of the past 6 years. I love this event. I find it to be (for the most part) a place of acceptance where individuals of differing sexual persuasions and fetishes are appreciated and celebrated. Folsom is also does a magnificent job of matching BD/SM with raising money for good causes, such as paying to get spanked for AIDS and breast cancer research.
Another part of Folsom Street Fair that I particularly love is the game of dress-up that I get to do before going. I've worn all kinds of outfits - only underwear once, a corset twice, liquid latex another year and most recently electrical tape. I love how the crowds of eager photographers swarm around interesting outfits (mine frequently being one of them) and take photographs as if they are the paparazzi and the costumed people are celebrities. I, being vain and extroverted, find this situation highly enjoyable.
I think I'll make a top 10 list of unusual and wild things I've seen at Folsom over the years:
1) A booth that was advertised as "The Human Urinal" with eager pee drinkers and bathers.
2) A man holding a platform up with a chain connected to his balls. People were encouraged to place items on the platform.
3) A gay porn actor, standing on the counter of his porn-house's booth, masturbating to ejaculation on a jubilant crowd.
4) This guy with the cow tongue over his penis.
5) A gay porn actor sucking his own penis.
6) A person being pulled in a carriage by another person dressed as a horse.
7) People with bells sewn into their skin performing a group dance.
8) A man with "HIV+" tattooed on his penis.
9) A woman walking around the fair with a doll to her breast, as if she was breast-feeding it.
10) A handcuffed, gagged, and leashed woman with an electric, remote controlled buttplug. Her mistress was letting participants in the crowd take turns toying with the remote controller.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hi folks, Joe here.
As you may have noticed, it's been a long time since Lexi's last post. The reason for that is that a few weeks ago her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she's been spending most of her free time researching breast cancer-related topics.
As you may know, October is national breast cancer awareness month, so feel yourself up accordingly.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pet rock, 2010 version

I purchased the Nea from Bliss Connection after getting a chance to hold it at my pleasure party. I drooled over the wonder of owning this toy for a few weeks before making the purchase. While it's sometimes challenging to grasp that I could still NEED another vibrator, this one is unique. It reminds me of a pet rock, but so much more satisfying. The Nea is a very small, ornately decorated, and relatively weighty clitoral stimulator. The curve of this toy allows it to rest snugly over the pubic bone. It is made by Lelo, a reputable Swedish sex toy manufacturer of fairly high end toys.
I was in love with the Nea from the moment I received it. The packaging was amazing, a beautiful black box, with the Nea resting inside on a stand, beneath a clear plastic cover. Included was a white satin drawstring bag in which to carry the Nea, a detailed but not too lengthy instruction manual and the charger. Yes, this toy is rechargeable!
After removing my Nea from its pedestal, I eagerly tried to turn it on, but was unable. I was sad that it came uncharged and that I would have to wait. I started flipping through the manual and soon found that it can be locked during transport (if you hold down both buttons at once). Genius! I picked it up, pressed the buttons and was able to unlock it and have it come to life.
I gave it a whirl. It is simple and elegant in design. It only has 2 buttons and because of the curve in the toy, they were easily accessible to me during use. It has 10 speeds, from super low, to intense. It also has 3 different speeds of pulsation as well as one escalation. Besides being discreet with regard to size, it is a relatively quiet vibrator.
I have used the Nea in multiple different ways now and have enjoyed them all - tucking it in my panties, lying on top of it, holding it against my clit, placing it between me and my husband during sex. The toy itself comes in black, white or dark pink. All colors have a beautiful floral pattern on the hard plastic exterior. And as with all of Lelo's toys, it comes with a 1 year warranty.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Diving In Deeper

After a somewhat restless sleep I rose and carefully picked out my clothes. I wanted to wear something hot, but not ridiculous. I pulled out a longish skirt - it came to just above my knees - but decided to be slightly daring by not wearing panties. The shirt I chose had a low scooping neckline that presented a bit of cleavage. My walk to class was slow and measured, but my heart was pounding. I arrived about 5 minutes before class and sat down outside the door. Moments after opening a book, a few of my classmates walked up, also waiting for our class to start. I felt a sinking in my stomach, I wouldn't be alone to greet my professor.
He arrived exactly at the top of the hour and as he unlocked the door, his gaze fell on me. "Good morning," he said. I couldn't believe he was talking specifically to me - it must be because of our brief conversation at the pool the day before, I thought. I had to assume that this blossoming relationship was simply in my head so as not to feel insane, so just gave a hint of a smile and walked past him into the classroom.
I took a seat in the front row and as my professor rummaged through papers on his desk, I began fantasizing about crossing and recrossing my legs like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. I hiked my skirt up slightly but realized I was too nervous to pause with my legs open while crossing them. I looked up, he was right in front of me, touching my desk. "What?" I said, smiling nervously. I hadn't realized that class had started, but everyone else had their books open, or at least on their desks.
"What did you see as the main philosophical differences between W.E.B. Du Bois and Booker T. Washington?" I realized then that he was repeating a question I had half-heard while daydreaming and he was specifically asking me. "Umm." I stalled to regain my focus. Luckily, having read the works of each man the night before, I was able give a satisfying, though somewhat disjointed critique. He smiled and turned to the class, "Yes, they both strived to meet the same goals - eradicating racism, discrimination and segregation. And yes, their proposed methods were disparate."
I fell back into a daydream, watching my hot professer's every gesture. His fingers combing absently through his chestnut hair, the nod of his head, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth all made me feel slightly warmer and perhaps a little wet. I gathered my books and notebook together without thought and followed the other students out the door at the end of class. It wasn't until I was halfway back to my dorm that I realized, with some annoyance, that I had left without even stalling to talk to him. "Ah well" I thought, perhaps I'd see him at the pool soon. Anyway, in the worst case, it was only two days until my next class.
That evening as I approached the pool, I hoped so strongly that he'd be there, that I felt he might just magically appear on the diving board. But no luck. I changed into my swim suit and went back out to the pool, begging my eyes not to look at the empty diving board, but looking anyway. The 11 other divers on my team slowly arrived and we took turns practicing our dives with direction from our coach. We tried to stay warm by wetting our shammies in a bucket of water and wringing them out over our heads as we waited. After some dryland exercises at the end I went to shower and change. As I walked toward the locker room he appeared, just heading to the men's locker. "Hi," I said enthusiastically, unable to hide my excitement. He chuckled "Well, hi." "You're here to dive? Three meter?" I asked, stupid questions rolling easily off my tongue. "Yep" he nodded, "I have to wait until you diving team people are out of the pool." Obviously, I thought. I smiled and turned to leave.
"Hey, wanna dive with me?" he asked "perhaps I could teach you a thing or two. I was an NCAA All American back in the stone age." All the lust in my body wanted me to say yes but the the words that came out of my mouth betrayed me. "I think my teammates and coach Pam would think it's weird." "Pam and I competed together in college. I can talk to her if anyone says anything. Besides, it's not weird for people to dive together." A wide and playful smile lit up his face. Was I imagining things? "I'll be back in a few," he called over his shoulder.
I went into the locker room and showered to warm up a little and think. "This must be a dream," I kept saying to myself. Or I'm truly crazy. Perhaps I was talking to myself outside and just imagining him there. I waited 12 minutes and headed back out. Luckily, in that time most of my teammates had left.
"I thought maybe you'd chickened out" he called from the top of the diving board as I walked toward the deep end of the pool. "Nope. Just needed to warm up in the shower a little." He took a few practice bounces and then walked toward the end of the board, effortlessly performing a reverse dive.
"So what do you wanna learn?" he asked as he reached the side of the pool. I blushed, being unable to quiet my inner dialogue. "What's your weakest dive? he asked without a pause, but also smiling. "I don't know, Professor Thompson, I'm not great at inwards. I'm a little scared I'll hit the board." "Call me Dylan" my professor stated, chipping away at the academic wall dividing us. I nodded my head and felt like I continued to look like a bobble head for the next significant amount of time, as he explained, demonstrated and critiqued the inward one and a half. And while I was having an decent time, it was a relief when he finally said "everyone's long gone, sorry for rambling on, let's call it a night." I agreed and briskly headed toward the locker room, quite cold at this point.
I was just about to reach for the door when his hand grabbed my arm. "I was hoping that since we have the place to ourselves..." his words trailed off and I believe my mouth fell open. I really must be dreaming, I thought. I looked down at his Speedo and noticed an unmistakeable bulge. I put one hand on his chest. "Can I take that as a yes?" he asked. I nodded my head, still standing there dumbstruck. He pushed the door open and I followed him into the women's locker room.
We were barely through the door before he started pulling at my swimsuit. As my single garment fell to the floor, he pulled me close, kissing me with intensity. I willed myself to be present, but only with partial success. His hands moved up and down the curves of my body. I buried my head in his shoulder, soaking up his smell, despite the overtones of chlorine.
I began shivering, perhaps out of cold, but more likely from anticipation of something unimaginable. "Let's get in the shower," he said turning me around and guiding me by the hips. I could feel his cold swimsuit against my butt and began reaching to pull it off. He let go of me and turned on the water, allowing me to easily undress him. He turned to face me as the warm water started pounding on my body. It was almost too much to bear - sweet, soothing comfort of warmth and his beautiful body in front of me with the happily protruding sign of his desire. I kneeled down to suck his cock. For a moment I worried that I wouldn't be good enough, but then I quickly calmed down seeing his eager delight and reminding myself that it wasn't as if this was my first time. I began working his shaft with my mouth and hands, at times letting one hand wander - balls, anus, legs and chest. Just when his breathing started to really get short, he stopped me. Leading me to one of the nearby benches, he laid me down and spread my legs. He kissed my breasts, stomach hips, naval and as his fingers moved inside my wet vagina, his mouth went to work on my clit. I too was soon gasping for air. However with the tables turned, I didn't stop him as he moved me toward climax, instead letting myself explode in his arms. As I lay there our eyes met and he spoke slowly. "Before we go any further, I just want you to know that this is something I've done before. Slept with students." "Ok" I replied. "You're not my first either." "I actually do it with some regularity," he stated, admitting a more complete version of the truth. "I'm okay with it," I responded, shoving away my unease for the pleasure of the moment. "Alright then. As long you don't have long-term expectations."
Leaning toward me and kissing me deeply, his tongue explored my mouth. He pulled me up to a sitting position and went around behind me. As I leaned over the bench, his hands grabbed my sides and his penis slowly eased into my wet pussy. The thrusting and our moans built in speed intensity and volume. For a moment I thought about the possibility of someone else coming into the unlocked locker room. That thought and the banging I was receiving pushed me over the edge. My pulsations and bucking in pleasure during the orgasm led rapidly to his climax. We slid off the bench and lay next to each other on the floor, my head on his arm, as we listened to the sound of running water.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I used to have this cool little remote control sex toy that my husband and I used together in college. The Butterfly was attached to an elastic strap that worked like g-string underwear. My husband (boyfriend at the time) would hold the controller and then suddenly turn it on and surprise me. My clearest memory is wearing it while hanging out in the little snack lounge at my husband's college. He would randomly turn it on as I was talking to someone and I'd either smile or laugh...good times.
Unfortunately that toy did not survive more than perhaps a year of intermittent use. I was recently feeling somewhat sad as I recounted it's use in a previous post, and Chrystal from Bliss Connection must be carefully reading my blog, as she sent me a different, but similar toy - the Micro Butterfly from California Exotics to try out.
The Micro Butterfly is a sweet little bullet vibrator, covered with a soft jelly butterfly shape, including mildly vibrating antennas. It has 3 different intensities - low, high and super high, which is perfect for my taste. It has thin, bra-like straps that go around the legs and waist to hold the butterfly in place for hands free use while leaving the vagina and anus available for other toys or partner play.
While the straps may seem like a nice feature, they were far from perfect.
1) The straps are adjustable, but I found myself at the (slightly uncomfortable) limit of the leg straps and unable to effectively close the waist strap - and I'm only a size 8 woman. This is frustrating.
2) The straps are thin pieces of elastic that dug into my skin. It would be much nicer if they had a little padding. And to be honest, I kind of expected a little more quality from a company like Cal Exotics, especially after using their Lia Wand.
3) The hands-free feature is not incredibly exciting when it's not a cordless device. I think having a vibrator strapped to my clit is much more thrilling when I can walk around without the cord and battery pack trailing, and when someone else can control it without my awareness.
I tried out the Micro Butterfly both solo and during intercourse. As a masturbation toy, the hands free feature is somewhat enjoyable. I can recline, flip through porn on my computer and just turn up and down the intensity as need be. During sex this little toy was orgasmic as well, but a bit tricky to work with. I had difficulty keeping it in place (it's small so it needs to be perfectly aligned) and remaining comfortable (due to the tight straps). But, when everything was adjusted just right, it only took a small number of thrusts before the combination led to orgasmic bliss. I got to have the highly sought after (and fireworks quality) blended orgasm from my two favorite sources at once - my husband's penis and a clitoral vibrator. It's a decent product, but with a small redesign it could be much better.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The god of sexual love is a lubricant?

After my post about Liquid Silk (a water based lubricant), Bliss Connection sent me a bottle of Eros silicone lubricant to try. I had never tried a silicone lubricant, being very satisfied with Liquid Silk, but I was happy to give it a whirl.
I took a few minutes to read about it since I have gotten yeast infections with the use of some lubricants, but this product met my criteria - glycerin-free, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. I rubbed a drop on the back of my hand to see what it felt like. It was silky smooth and the single drop seemed to go a long way - soon the entire back of my hand felt slick and lotiony feeling, but not wet. I was also easily able to wash it off with some soap and warm water after the trial, another bonus.
The next time my husband and I were going to have sex, I put a few drops on my fingers and slid them inside my vagina. Immediately with penetration, I noticed that while I didn't feel wet like I do when I'm either really aroused or using a water based lubricant, the sex felt extra slippery and smooth. I must admit I felt slightly weirded out at first because in my mind good sex is associated with a dripping wet vagina, and this wasn't exactly that. As the minutes went by and easy penetration continued, my mind slowly began to accept that this new sensation could also signify good sex.
I've now tried Eros several times during intercourse and enjoy it's effects. In my opinion it's more than just a lubricant, as it has a different feeling from my body's natural lubrication. My husband and I agree that it makes sex feel tighter (nice) and creates more friction while not feeling at all dry. I still think we will switch back and forth between Eros and Liquid Silk since we enjoy variety and I am still more used to the wet feeling. We haven't taken the dive into anal sex with this lubricant but apparently it's the best for making it comfortable. Also for condom users, this lubricant is latex safe.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

This wand is magic

I got a Lia Magic Wand a few weeks ago from Bliss Connection and have been giving it some good use. I handled it for the first time at the pleasure party I hosted and decided right then and there there that I needed to have it. This vibrator is so different from anything else I own.
The texture is smooth, a little squishy and reminiscent of skin. It came with no smell whatsoever, which made us friends from the start. The Lia Wand by California Exotics is made out of matte silicone and is waterproof. It is a g-spot vibrator with great flexibility and a slight curve at the tip, which makes it easy for me to manipulate internally. It has three bulges, which are still relatively slender, but adds a nice contoured aspect for penetration. The fact that it's so slender and soft make it a perfect first g-spot vibrator. I find it highly enjoyable, but sometimes just wish it were a little girthier. Some people have mentioned the potential use of this toy for anal penetration since it is not very large and has ripples, but I don't have personal experience with this yet.
I noticed that the vibration appears to be focused in the tip, making it great for clitoral stimulation as well as vaginal penetration. The quality of the vibration is very unique. It has 10 different settings - they can be categorized as 3 different speeds/strengths; 6 various frequency pulsations and 1 escalation. It is not the quietest of toys but does have the lovely kill button. I can stop it without having to cycle through to the off position and when I turn it on again, it goes right back to my last setting which means I can pick up exactly where I left off after the interruption dealt with. The buttons are, like the rest of the toy, high quality and require little effort to press. It is also very simple to use as there is only the on/off button and the one to change the setting.
The Lia Magic Wand is a new favorite and will be in my regular rotation of toys.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A night out

The first party ended with a kiss. It was fitting since I was leaving that party in order to get to the KISS party on time. Honestly, part of why I had wanted to go to the first party of the night was to get just that kiss. I had flirted with the same guy the week before at a different party, kissed him about 5 years ago and was hoping for another kiss that night. And the meeting of our lips was the perfect appetizer for the playful night ahead.
We arrived at KISS and despite it being 11pm when we arrived (fairly late for us) only one couple was fucking. Most people were dancing and hanging out in near the dance floor - still in the early stages of foreplay. There were professional pole dancers demonstrating their tricks and happy to teach those who wanted to learn. I played on the pole for a bit while my husband sat and watched from the bench nearby. One of the pole dancers asked me if she could give him a lap dance. I happily agreed and over she went.
After a bit more dancing and chatting we decided to roam the club again. Most rooms were still empty, or at least lacking in action, so we stopped by the bar and then headed to the large room in the back.
It had beds lining 3 out of the 4 walls and a large bed in the middle. While there were people on most beds, all eyes seemed to be focused on the action in the large bed. A man was laying on his back with 2 women on top of him, one on his face and another on his penis. The ladies were facing each other - at times kissing, caressing each other or just moaning with pleasure. We took our seats on one of the beds along the wall and watched too. After a little while I wanted a closer look and asked my husband what he thought about sitting at the head of the big bed. "That's a bold move" he said with a smile and we scooted in to watched, making out with each other a bit as well.
Not too much time passed before a hot couple I'd noticed earlier entered the room. They were hard to miss as she was over six feet tall with shoulder length blond messy hair, wearing only a red lacy thong and he was a clean cut slightly shorter, professional looking guy. They stood at the foot of the bed kissing for a couple minutes, their eyes dancing between the threesome and us.
I smiled as they walked toward the head of the bed. "Do you mind if we join you?" the guy asked. "Not at all" I replied. "I'm Steve and this is Audrey" he said giving introductions that included formal handshakes. After a short time Steve started whispering to Audrey. Then he turned to my husband "would be okay if I ask her for a kiss." We both agreed and I found myself enjoying a long deep kiss. When we stopped, Steve said to Audrey, "you need to kiss her lips, they are so soft." Eagerly we both leaned forward. Kissing another woman is an amazing tactile experience - everything is softer and sweeter tasting. We kissed each other for a few minutes as our partners caressed our bodies.
Then, after my husband had an opportunity to kiss Audrey, while I went back to kissing Steve, things moved to the next level. Hands caressed bodies, and unless I visually traced the line from the hand up to the person, I lost track of who was touching who. The flow was so easy and natural that as lips met and bodies moved, we were all connected in pleasure. Naturally, and without conversation, both couples moved toward oral sex and then vaginal intercourse as we remained an interconnected foursome.
At some point the threesome behind us had ended and one of the woman was suddenly seated behind Audrey holding on as if she was also having sex with Steve. This was fun to watch, as I had never imagined such an threesome, so engaged in the same act, riding the same wave.
As I was sitting atop my husband, he asked who was grabbing his penis. I looked down to see the other woman who had been in the initial threesome stroking him as he slid in and out of me. I smiled at her and noticed that she was quite ecstatically receiving oral sex.
"Wow!" I thought, "we were 7 people all connected in what appeared to an X-rated game of Twister." And as with Twister, people kept shifting around, not affixed to one person or location. I gave a few of the women a little of the Nympho's Desire and they each soon vocalized their approval of the increased sensation.
Time passed without my knowledge and some point things changed as one or two at a time people left the bed. Orgasms had been reached, breaks from the hot, sweaty action were needed. Audrey and Steve had gone to look for some friends with whom they had come to the club.
I pulled out my Lia Magic Wand and started playing with myself. The bright pink g-spot vibe was well lit as I lay back and alternated between sliding it in and out and tickling my clit. I'll review this toy soon, but for now let me just tell you that it was fun for me and I think those watching enjoyed my toy as well.
Awhile later Sarah, a woman my husband had talked to at the beginning of the night, walked into the room. We were just hanging out on the bed, back in watching mode. I called out to her and when she came over I asked "would you like to join us?" "Sure" she replied. She had large breasts which I enjoyed playing with, and soon I was kissing her as my husband and I caressed her body. I noticed right away that her lips tingled and felt a little electrically hot. I asked what was on them and she just smiled, keeping her secret.
After some more making out, I asked Sarah if I could use my Lia Wand vibrator on her and she agreed. I slipped a condom over it, feeling very much like a man and started thrusting. I'd never had this kind of control and really found it arousing. I cycled through the 10 settings until I found the one that seemed to make her moan a little more than the others. I stayed on that while my husband caressed and made out with her.
Steve and Audrey reappeared a little later and we got to have one more round of play. The night had certainly exceeded our expectations. The promise of new fun adventures upon a return visit hung in the air as our kind and hot hosts bid us goodnight with delightful kisses. We eagerly await another KISS party as soon as our busy lives permit.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Whip it

I bought this little Play Whip from Bliss Connection at the pleasure party I hosted. I loved the feel of it and so did a number of my friends who attended the party. It made a nice smacking sound with only the most minimal sting.
Since getting the whip I've both used it on others and had it used on me. My husband can smack my ass with it as hard as he likes, with the satisfying sound of a good whipping, but with almost no pain or markings. If you have a partner into being a dominatrix, but you are not really into pain, this may be ideal. Also, if some pain is the desired goal, wetting the tips does make it smart.
Just carrying it around (granted I've only carried it out in the open in a sex club) made people beg me to use it on them. One man, after asking his female companion if it was okay, requested I whip her while she was bent over, grabbing her ankles. Teasing the woman's bare booty and genitals while he watched and she asked me to do it harder, was amazing. I felt so powerful. And we all had a good time. I also enjoyed that there was no risk of injuring strangers while whipping them, even when I got really into it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


After reading an article in the SF Gate, my husband and I decided to apply for membership at the KISS sex club. KISS is touted as a club whose members are young, hip, playful and attractive. Mr. and Ms. Kiss host twice monthly parties in a inconspicuous Mission District location in San Francisco. The hosts informed me that the name has recently been changed from Club Kiss to KISS.
The parties are $60 per couple and free for single women. No single men are allowed to attend. This setup means that there is lots of girl/girl action, threesomes and foursomes. The single women who we noticed there seemed to enjoy some amount of bisexual play, which makes sense as there are no single men with whom to hook up one-to-one. And the lucky men who are admitted with a female partner are likely to get attention from more than just the woman they came with, if that's desired.
Of course in any situation like this it's important to set and be well aware of you and your partner's boundaries, and KISS has some sensible rules and guidelines to ensure that everyone has a great time. These rules are reiterated as part of the tour that newbies are given on their first visit. The way the tour was run, it also left us feeling welcome and wanted, like friends visiting from out of town.
The layout of the place reminds me of the houses I've been to in San Francisco. The place encompasses the entire second floor of the building, with numerous rooms. There's a dance floor including one of my favorite features (a stripper-pole) and dancers who are happy to teach tricks, as well as an admiring audience that doesn't have the sleazy strip club-like feel. Four play rooms of different sizes (from very intimate to huge) are scattered throughout the club, as well as a bar (you bring the booze and they provide the mixers), a patio for smoking and outdoor (enclosed) encounters, and a coed restroom, complete with disposable mini toothbrushes.
From the moment we arrived we realized KISS would probably be more fun than we'd been expecting and that we were a little overdressed, as one lady walked by us in just a red lacy g-string and some others were wearing little more. The host couple was just as attractive as their photographs suggested and so were the attendees. The vibe was relaxed, not over the top horny but filled with anticipation of a good time. And for us the evening was definitely the best that we've had in a sex club.
If you would like to hear an account of the more intimate details of our experience, check back on the 1st of September for a full recounting of our lusty adventures.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I smell like musky melon

At the Pleasure Party I hosted, we all tried on Jelique's Pure Instinct Cologne. Because of the pheromones in this product, it is marketed as a sex attraction cologne. It is a unisex cologne that I would enjoy on men as well as women, but may be slightly too fruity for some men (and strong smelling when first applied).
I bought a bottle of the cologne at my party and have been wearing it ever since. I'm not sure that it has any sex attraction effect other than that it makes me feel happier and more appealing. That change in feeling about myself is all that the product really claims to do anyway "to elevate confidence, enhance moods and awaken the senses."
The most interesting thing about this fragrance to me is that it smells different on each person. I really like the way it smells - from cotton candy, to melon, to musk, citrus, and cucumber. The fragrances seemed to change over the first 15 minutes after application and then lasted for a 2-3 hours. While the pheromone properties are said to last up to 12 hours, since I'm wearing this primarily because I like the smell, I am a little disappointed that I have to reapply it every few hours in order for me to keep experiencing the scent.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A pleasurable party indeed

Last week I hosted a Bliss Pleasure Party. I had never hosted a pleasure party or even attended one, but I felt that I was up to the task since I love most things dealing with sex, women, dessert and drinks. I decided to make the theme for the party be Sexy Little Secret and the partygoers wore some sexy little thing (jewelry, perfume, clothing, shoes or some other accessory). At one break some ladies even provided a peek at their sexy little bras and panties.
I made a variety of drinks - Jello shots with various secret ingredients, sangria, and a punch that Chrystal our "sexpert" gave me the recipe for called Pink Panty Dropper Punch. And as you can guess, with all these drinkies my talkative friends became even a little more loquacious.
I invited a fun group of ladies and 12 of them graced us with their presence. The guests brought sexy desserts that had secret ingredients such as chocolate cookies with a cherry inside, blowjob shots, creamy balls (cream puffs) and drunken watermelon salad (that tasted like watermelon mojitos). Shortly before the first guests arrived Chrystal pulled up with her mobile sex-toy emporium. She quickly and unobtrusively went to work turning my bedroom into a sex toy store. I regret to say that my bedroom will probably rarely have the potential for that much fun - vibrators, lotions, bondage gear, male masturbation toys and much, much more.
Chrystal also set up my living room beautifully for the presentation portion of the evening. After an hour of socializing with friends and partaking of food and drink, we took our seats for the talk. I honestly did not know what to expect, I liked the interactions that I'd had with Chrystal and was hoping that she'd make good her promise of making the presentation more than just a sales pitch.
Chrystal had done a good job taking the social temperature while we had been hanging out and seamlessly kept the same vibe throughout the presentation. She had a way of making us all feel like friends (even though some had never met each other before), comfortable and able to talk about anything. She started with introductions and a game which resulted in everyone getting a good case of the giggles and 2 lucky ladies winning little vibrating prizes.
The presentation was clearly organized with each person getting a menu (specifically designed for my party) with all of the items that would be shown and discussed. The order in which the items on the menu were presented was perfect for creating a lusty and aroused mood. Chrystal starting with the foreplay and stimulating goods and ending with the powertools. She passed around each of the items and let us touch, taste, smell, or play with each product as was appropriate. She also described her experience with the products as well as other people's reviews. The full sensory experience of having the toys and mood enhancers right there helped me to get a much better idea of what I would truly enjoy. And everything that I bought has been used repeatedly in the week since the party.
After the presentation Chrystal met with each woman who wanted to purchase something in my bedroom (sex toy store) so that they could privately place orders and get their wares. Because Chrystal carries so much with her we all got most of our things right then and there which makes the night of the party all the more fun, especially if there's an eager partner waiting for you at home. The presence of our new supplies encouraged us to excitedly have sex twice in the 12 hours following the party (which is unusual because of our chaotic lifestyle, due largely to our early-rising young children). In all ways the party and its aftereffects surpassed my expectations.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wait, I thought eggs come out of females...

Hi Folks! Joe Larkspur here, always ready to pitch in and help, and always ready to share my opinion with the world. In this case Lexi did indeed need help, since in order to try out this toy effectively she was, shall we say, lacking certain essential equipment.

The Egg is a male masturbation sleeve from the Japanese company Tenga. This is their budget toy, at $6 a pop (their fancier "onacups" can be more than twice as expensive), but since they're supposed to be single-use that could quickly add up.

There are six different styles of Egg, with different kinds of bumps and ridges on the inside. I tried the "Silky", which has some low-key ridges. It looks like some of the other styles may be a little more aggressively textured, so if this seems like your thing you'd probably want to try them all and see which one works the best for you.

Ok! enough preliminaries. On to the actual experience…
Once I had taken a couple strokes with the Egg, my first thought was, "wow, this feels almost exactly like a vagina." Unfortunately, that sensation only lasted for a couple minutes. There were two things I noticed that may have contributed to the decreased sensation. One is that the lube started to get pretty sticky (oh yeah, each egg comes with a little packet of lube, which is both necessary for the Egg to work at all and, for $6, expected). I guess you could use a different kind of lube if you wanted, but I'm a cheapskate. If they give me some lube, by golly that's the lube I'm going to use. The second problem was that the egg got pretty stretched out after only a short time. That may have been because of how massive my wang is, but it's more likely that I was just using it wrong. Looking back at the pictures (what, you think the only pictures of Lexi and her toys are the ones she posts here? And turnabout is fair play, after all…), it looks like I had a lot of the egg material bunched up around the base of my penis, and the end was really stretched out. I guess this makes sense for me, since I prefer stimulation lower down on my shaft while masturbating. Or maybe I just needed more practice. Anyway, the point is that after a few minutes the quality of the sensation really started to go down for me (even after adding more lube).

Another problem for me was that years of experience have taught my subconscious that the primary position in which to expect pleasure is lying face-down, and it turns out that that makes it difficult for me to really get into it while lying on my back/sitting up/etc. At least in my few bumbling attempts, I could not get the Egg to work in a face-down position. Again, it might be possible with practice, but it seemed pretty tricky for a first-timer.

On the up side, there is a tighter ring around the base of the Egg that does a pretty good job of keeping the lube from leaking out everywhere and making a mess, even if you are lying on your back. I guess if you were to actually cum inside it it would be even more useful but, as you might expect given all the negative stuff I've said so far, I didn't get to experience that for myself.

I sort of hate to rag on it so much, because the initial experience was pretty nice, and I'm sure with some practice you could keep that real-vagina-feeling going on for longer. But for me, at least, one of the best features of actual real vaginas is that they have women attached to them, so I think that even if I became an effective Egg user it still wouldn't quite do it for me.

A deal to make me squeal

Today through Sunday, August 22 the website SocialBuy is offering a $20 voucher that is good for $40 worth of merchandise at the online store for Bliss Connection, the supplier of the products I review. I'm not getting a kickback from you purchasing this deal, but I am pretty excited about it myself. As if I don't have enough toys (perhaps it's like Pokemon and I've gotta catch 'em all), I plan on buying the deal and getting the Nea by Lelo that I've really been lusting after since I held it at the Pleasure Party last week.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My tingling clit

I recently purchased a tube of Nympho's Desire, Arousal Balm from Bliss Connection after trying it at the pleasure party I hosted last week. I'll post more about the party later, but for now I'll just tell you about the party goers' experience with this cream. Chrystal, our lovely and informative "sexpert," left a tube of this "female viagra" in the bathroom during the party and encouraged us to try it discreetly during a little break. While we each put it on in private, it was hard to keep our reactions to ourselves. Perhaps many of us put on too much (a little drop goes a long way) but most of us certainly ended up with parties in our panties. One lady even had a 3 minute orgasm from this balm alone!
I tried it again last night after receiving my very own container in the mail. Just as before, it made my clitoris very cold, then slowly over the next few minutes it became warm and then vacillated between cold and hot while tingling.
What I hadn't tried before was sexual activity while enjoying this cream. I started with masturbating using my battery operated toys and quickly found that they were not enough. The tingling and temperature fluctuations were overpowering the vibration.
I went for my Hitachi Magic Wand knowing that if any vibration would be intense enough to do the trick, that'd be it. The buildup was gradual, 10 or so minutes longer than my regular 1-3 minutes before first orgasm. With the strong vibration, the extra time was a highly enjoyable treat. It wasn't the tedious kind of masturbation session where I'm aching for an orgasm the whole time, while deep down knowing nothing is gonna happen. Instead I felt a full of range arousing sensations the entire time. I was savoring the tingling, temperature and vibration that eventually made my sensually overwhelmed body explode in a whole body orgasm.
From there I moved onto sex, having visually stimulated my husband who had watched me "test" the new product. The movement of his penis inside me also felt less like the primary sensation. This truly is viagra for women, especially ones who cum quickly and are then done. I can certainly last longer (and be continually aroused) while using Nympho's Desire, which is a good thing for the times when my partner wants slow lovemaking. The effects seemed to last for 30-45 minutes for me. My only warning is that because this product contains mineral oil it is not condom safe, so if you use condoms, save this for other times.
And speaking of using Nympho's Desire at other times; if you see me smiling while shopping, walking down the street or hanging out at a party, perhaps I'm indulging in a panty party.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Diving In

As I mentioned previously, I will be writing a fictional piece on the 15th of each month. The following is the first one.

All semester I'd been watching him. Sure, I watched him because I needed to learn the subject matter, but I looked at him in a different way too, a way that distracted me from really paying attention to history class.
I daydreamed. I thought about my fingers in his curly brown hair, about his eyes really looking at me (perhaps naked), about his hard chest under the fitted black t-shirt, having him smile at me like when I answered questions correctly. And those hands, god how I wanted them to touch me, caress me and grab my hips. I watched his hands fiddle with the chalk while he spoke.
Sometimes I would take a few extra minutes organizing and putting away notes and books on the off chance that he would talk to me - after everyone left. Other times I would have read an interesting little tidbit that was slightly relevant just so that I could have something history related to talk to him about after class for a minute or two. In these moments my heart beat faster and I felt warm and tingly. After leaving the classroom I would think about how silly and cliche it was for me to imagine doing anything with him - a professor who barely seemed to notice me other than my academic prowess, despite the low-cut blouses and short skirts I often wore to class.
Then something happened that made me crush crazy. I was at the swimming pool getting ready to leave after diving team practice. There he was at the edge of the pool, in a speedo! Oh my lord, what a body - not only was his chest built, he also had the chiseled indentations from his hipbones down to the clearly outlined, large package. I fumbled around in my bag for a minute, avoiding eye contact. I ducked back into the dressing room, acting as if I'd forgotten something. I stood against the cold metal locker, catching my breath and trying to think of what I could say to him. I was wet and looked like a drowned rat with my frumpy workout clothing on. Okay, I thought to myself, I'll just smile and wave, maybe say hi and walk out cooly.
I pulled the heavy door open quickly and confidently, ready to give a casual smile and walk back to my dorm. He was on the 3 meter diving board, facing away from me and my voyeuristic and hunk gazing instincts took over. While I had a clear chance to escape, I just stood there watching as he preparing for an inward or back dive.
He bounced on the board for what seemed like an eternity and then dove, a beautiful inward two-and-a-half. He emerged, brushing his hair back and I
instinctively applauded his splashless dive. He turned, and saw me halfway down the length of the pool. A smile spread on his lips. He ducked his head back into the water and swam away toward the ladder. I turned to walk out. "See you tomorrow morning" he called as he stood at the base of the diving board. "Okay" I replied as I waved over my shoulder. My heart pounded hard in my chest as I tried to walk slowly and nonchalantly.
That night I took a long shower, playing with myself and thinking of my hot speedo wearing professor. Naughty images of things that shouldn't happen between a nineteen year old girl and older man (I didn't know how old he was, maybe thirty five) danced in my head. I thought about him rummaging through the pile of papers on his desk after class, trying to find something related to what we were talking about and me bending over, pantiless, to pick up some papers that fell on the floor and him catching a glance as he walked behind me help pick up papers. I imagined asking if he'd like to touch after noticing a bulge forming in his pants. I closed my eyes and rubbed my hands over my body, tingling as I imagined my hands being his, on my neck, breasts, thighs and wet pussy. My breaths became short soft moans as this fantasy came to life in my mind. As I imagined him locking the door of the classroom and turning back toward me, I exploded. My head went from cold, to hot and fuzzy as warm, pulsating waves rippled through my vagina. I continued to replay that moment and the few seconds that might follow as he removed his shirt, until my legs and stomach felt heavy and ached with satisfaction and exhaustion.

To be continued...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

All tied up

We have been busy testing out the Beginner's Bondage Fantasy from Sportsheets, thanks to Bliss Connection. This beginner bondage set is just that, a comfortable (velvety textured restraints) and fun introduction. It comes with 4 wrist or ankle restraints (no difference between the two and one size does seem to fit all) and a blindfold. We have found them to be soft and durable, a well-made product.
We attached them onto our bedframe and after a little tussle over who was going to get strapped down, I found my wrists and ankles restrained. It reminded me of the time I mud-wrestled my husband in college and ended up above his head before being covered in mud. With the blindfold over my eyes I was in total darkness. As he started toying with my restrained body, I attempted to wiggle out of the bondage. Previously we had mainly used karate belts as restraints, and while they are functional, they are neither the most comfortable or challenging to get out of. This was completely different. I felt no pain where the straps rubbed and pulled, but I was totally unable to get free even though they appear to have basic velcro closures.
We had a great time with the change up in routine, my husband even used my vibrator on me - so intense without having control. And after I was released the sex was amazing. Having my senses back after the deprivation made everything so much more intense and enjoyable. A few days later I got to turn the tables and restrain my husband. He's not much of a bottom, but did a nice job letting me play with him - and once he was tied down he also couldn't break free.
This bondage set is a gentle, low cost way to try out restraints. It makes the experience as tame as petting a lion, soft as a kitty's fur, but impossible to escape from if the cat is hungry. Our only complaint is that the straps were a little on the short side, though I hear that if you don't have a bedframe, you can attach them to each other which would fix that problem. We will likely keep these attached to our bedframe for the foreseeable future (until our children ask us what they are) and use them from time to time to keep boredom from creeping into our sex life.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Naked in the Water

One of my favorite places to go on Maui is Little Beach, a public nude beach I've been going to since I was a child, growing up on the island. I saw my first erect penis there, wandered upon my first sighting of oral sex (one man going down on another) and made out with my first boyfriend there. But aside from these sexual experiences I've enjoyed the freedom of swimming in the warm ocean water, naked and free.
As an adult I've gone to Little Beach with my husband many times - from a couple months after we started dating, to weekly when we lived there and now when we return on our annual visits. Our first sex on the beach experience was in the evening as we were heading home from Little Beach, the stars clearly visible above and the sound of the waves helped crank up the romance dial. Another time we brought a remote control vibrating g-string butterfly and my husband had fun buzzing my clit every so often with the touch of a button.
To get to this beach we park at the first Makena (Big Beach) parking lot, take a little walk down the beach to the big hill and make our way (up a rocky path) over to the other side. While it is a somewhat less well known beach for tourists, you can easily find it if you watch for the ant trail of people making the little trek, especially on Sunday afternoons/evenings. While Big Beach is known for its boogie boarding and dangerous wave breaks, Little Beach is calmer, being in a cove.
Calling this beach a hippie paradise would not be off-base with the open marijuana smoking, visible body hair, free love vibe and dreadlocks. But only about half the beach goers are topless or nude since this beach is also popular among surfers and boogie boarders who remain clothed and others who enjoy the nudity but don't participate.
Sunday afternoons are the most lively time at Little Beach and finding a slice of heaven can be a bit tricky. The beach is packed with people dancing, drumming, exercising, selling their wares or services (jewelry, ganga balls, pipes, chocolate shrooms, or massages) and relaxing.
We usually bring a picnic dinner and hang out, watching the sun slowly slip behind the water as the drumming reaches a furious climax. When darkness falls, the fire dancers emerge with their poi to spin - some get fancy using hula hoops, finger attachments or staffs with fire. The drummers play, the dancers and fire people move to the rhythm and others form a circle and watch, while lovers lay on towels in darkness enjoying the party and making out.
The bushes at the far end of the beach have a maze of trails, leading up to the an open area with an expansive view. These bushes are also a favorite sex location. I've seen numerous couples engaged in different sexual acts. The most recent time my husband and I saw a couple they were out on the rocks. The woman was giving the man oral sex. They stopped and waved at us and continued their act, probably knowing that the only people who go up there are either looking to engage in a sexual act or watch someone else.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bad dream

I was recently sent a new toy try, courtesy of Bliss Connection. The Lucid Dream #14 by Doc Johnson is a G-spot vibrator. I've never been a big fan of g-spot only toys, but hey, it's not a dildo, so it had the potential to vibrate my clit too if need be. It arrived in a beautiful clear plastic box with purple lettering and swirly designs. A sticker on the packaging stated that it is the "Women's Health winner - Best Maxi Vibe."
I excitedly removed the purple translucent toy from the box only to be overwhelmed by an awful, chemical, plastic smell. I could barely tolerate being in the same room with it, much less think of putting it in my vagina. I quickly took it to the sink and gave a very good long wash (it's waterproof) with soap and warm water. While the smell didn't go away, it did become fainter. While I waited for the smell to dissipate I did a little research. The outside of this toy is made with PVC vinyl - not exactly a chemical free material.
I washed and aired it out for a couple days then gave it a go. The twist speed dial (vs. a button) on the bottom has always been less satisfying to me as I like discreet speeds, but I figured it had the potential to still be decent if the vibration were intense. Unfortunately it had low to medium power.
The big bulbous head (1.5 inches in diameter definitely makes it a maxi vibe) was something I figured would satisfy me as I'm a size matters kind of gal, but it just didn't. The large and awkwardly long head, with a very skinny base just left me wondering what was going on, especially with the less than satisfying vibration. I also had difficultly holding it comfortably with penetration and turning the dial was nearly impossible while using it. But I do give it credit for being so quiet that even at full speed I wasn't always sure if it was on when inserted (they weren't lying about it being virtually silent).
Unfortunately, even when I gave up on using it as a g-spot vibrator and placed it on my clitoris I was left unfulfilled. The vibration is centered in the large angled bulb, below the tip. I got to the point of teasingly stimulating, kind of in the same way as bad oral sex, not enough to get me off, even after a desperately long 15 minutes.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Balancing on the blade

The fine line between pleasure and pain does not seem to be one I frequently seek out or fantasize about.  I find it hard to strike the right balance and too often I feel scared, physically hurt, or just a lack of enjoyment.  I've been thinking about this recently because there are two such situations that I do delight in and both of them are in my recent past or near future.
The first is that on Friday I got another tattoo at my favorite tattoo parlor, Diving Swallow.  It is an all-female tattoo cooperative in Oakland, California.  It was be my fifth time getting tattooed.  While this experience is not directly related sex, I do find tattoos to be sexy and I think the pain gives me a sort of high.  That high may be related to me being thrilled by the end product but I think it also has something to do with the experience itself and the permanence of the act.  
Getting tattooed is a unique kind of pain.  The irritating pricking and dragging sensation just under the surface of the skin starts out feeling awful since the other times I have felt similar pain were the result of minor quick flesh wounds - getting scratched by a cat, caught against a rose bush or falling and scraping a hand or knee.  But tattooing can last for hours.  At some point a strange shift occurs.  My mind overrides its previous pain memories and I no longer feel like I am being injured, instead just a little achy.
The other pain/pleasure experience I relish is spankings.  The sensation of being paddled, whipped or slapped on my sufficiently padded bottom is great fun.  I enjoy the initial jolt of fire and the resulting heat that spreads throughout my body.  And when I can look back and see the visible pleasure on my spanker's face the experience is perfect. 
During The Importance of Being Earnest photo book I was supposed to be spanked by the character Ms. Prism.  I kept telling the woman to spank me harder in order for my facial expression to be authentic.  She was becoming less comfortable and not having fun with the degree of force I was requesting so I asked if she would mind a stunt spanker stepping in.  She said that was fine and my husband took over - giving me a right proper smack on the bottom with the required prop (a hairbrush).
Folsom Street Fair is the other public place I've been spanked.  No, I've never taken part in the spanking booths (where you donate to a cause in exchange for a lashing on the back or rear end) though I'm not opposed to it.  My spankings instead came from random people who had paddles, crops or an open palm and wanted to spank me upon seeing my different outfits (over the years) that usually showed off my booty.  Thankfully they always asked permission first.  Consent is an important part of what makes any intimate experience fun, especially one that flirts with the pain/pleasure line.  And as I gave the go ahead, I clued them into the amount of force I desired.  I also won a paddle and was given a little crop at Folsom, souvenirs of a fun-filled event. Both of these toys still make private appearances from time to time.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


What stands out in my mind from that night was my husband (my new boyfriend at the time) and I looking at each other smiling as we (racing to make our partners orgasm) caused the other two people to cum simultaneously. Even though we were each touching other people, in that moment of eye contact he and I experienced the same thing - feeling the climax in a satisfying and intimate, mental and voyeuristic way. And while we quickly went home to achieve our own release, it was images of the hours before that flooded our thoughts.
The foursome had been the culmination of a long and fun night. There had been a rather large game of "I've Never" that over time morphed into "I Have" (with some participants going so far as to use items like "I have been licked off by 2 dogs simultaneously"). This game worked amazingly as the group of people meshed well and continuously upped the ante with regard mentioning kinky experiences.
After a couple hours we switched to playing Truth or Dare. The timing was perfect. We had gotten bored of yes/no questions only, had learned enough about each other to know that we could give (and take) some solid dares and still had the option to inquire about previously mentioned experiences by asking truths.
I remember one of the first dares involving me and 2 other ladies kissing for a few minutes. The ways to approach this dare seemed limitless. But instead of kissing in sets, all three soft female mouths instinctively came together, tongues exploring, sweet tastes mixing. It felt amazing and our audience must have enjoyed it too as it was soon followed up by a dare involving the same people and same act, only this time topless. We were once again kissing, caressing each other's breasts and before the dare was over, kissing each others breasts as well.
The continued theme revolved around women kissing - my lucky husband was dared to go into the bathroom with 3 ladies (one of them being me) and make out with the lights off. This sensory experience was amazingly tantalizing - getting to know each other through taste and touch. Each little breath and caress sending tingles throughout our bodies. Eventually someone knocked on the door, eager for us to come out and continue the game (and perhaps slightly jealous of our private experience).
Slowly people trickled out of the room as the hours went by. The last four of us that remained (my ex-boyfriend whose room the game had been in), a cute Asian girl who I didn't really know but had the pleasure of getting to make out with during the evening, my husband and I, were all aroused and tingling with the building sexual tension in the room.
She and I made out for a little while, the only sounds in the room being our little moans of pleasure and short excited breaths of our male onlookers. Eventually we broke off, each kissing one of the guys and then switching. We moved from the floor to the twin bed, quickly losing clothing, arms and legs intertwined on the small surface, hands groping bodies, feeling warm flesh and finding fascinating similarities and differences from one body to the next. Without thought or discussion, our mouths followed our hands, kissing the necks, breasts, chests, stomachs and thighs that our fingers had explored. Excitement peaked as we got to wet and eager genital areas. Thighs quivered, hips bucked and our breath momentarily left us.
Our fingers and mouths diligently went to work, learning what worked best. We experimented watching and listening for a response, returning to the touch, lick or stroke that made our recipients go wild. Perhaps because my husband and I both enjoy giving a hand job or oral sex more than receiving it, we ended up there gazing at each other, pleasure dancing in our eyes as we furiously raced to provide orgasms. It was exhilarating to watch each other do something we had only experienced as recipients, as well as having the satisfaction of making someone orgasm and watching two people climax at the same time as the result of separate acts. The whole energy in the room had been building and the four of us had been able to ride the wave together though we were participating differently. At the peak a euphoria washed over us. We lay there, sweaty, warm bodies, comfortable and spent in a serene and happy silence that rarely occurs when four people are together.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

And now for something new...

Starting in August I will be writing two new types of posts.  These tantalizing little tales will a monthly feature.  On the 1st of every month I'll depict factual experiences I've had and on the 15th I'll tease you with a work of fiction relating to my fantasies.  I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Unusual places

Spicing up my sex life can sometimes be as easy as finding a daring place to have sex. Here's my top 10 list of places where I've done the deed:
1) In an elevator
2) In a library
3) In a classroom
4) On the sidewalk
5) At the top of a waterfall
6) In a friend's backyard
7) In the projection booth of a theater
8) On the beach
9) In a sex club
10) And of course bed.

Feel free to share some of yours.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stormy Leather

I have been to Stormy Leather in San Francisco on two occasions and both times came away with exactly what I wanted. Once I bought Liquid Latex there and the other time I purchased a corset. Both times I walked around the Castro with a particular product in mind but without having success after visiting numerous store.
Stormy Leather was located off the main drag - a block or two from Folsom Street where many of the leather stores are located. I say "was located" because I just found out yesterday (when admiring a corset that happened to be from Stormy Leather) that they completed a 20 year lease, have closed up shop and will be moving to a more desirable location (still in San Francisco) in the fall. They were also recently purchased by JT Stockroom (a reputable company).
Since the store was not as centrally located, our searches began on Folsom Street and grew in radius until we ended up at Stormy. When we were purchasing the latex paint the sales lady simply reached down, pulled out the colors they had, we chose the ones we wanted, bought them and left. It was a great experience, simple and straightforward. If only we had started our search there. Several stores didn't have any liquid latex, one store just had an expired jar that when opened was congealed and another couple stores had only one color. So while our feet hurt and we were tired, we went home happy.
Sadly we hadn't searched the vast inventory of the store, making it only to the check out counter, or we might have known 2 years later (when I wanted a corset) that we should revisit Stormy Leather. We did a little research online and found a few stores that had corsets in the under $400 range in the Folsom Street area. We visited 3 stores with poor results. The first and second didn't have any corsets I liked (mostly mens' leather stuff) and the third place had horrible customer service and none of the corsets seemed to fit right or look great (possibly because we had no help lacing them or because they were just not appealing to me).
When we arrived at Stormy the sales people were once again very helpful, quickly ascertaining what size and styles I might want. I was presented with 5 corsets to try on. When we quickly demonstrated our ineptitude with lacing up a corset one of the salesmen came over. "You just pull the laces like this" he said showing my husband "and then when you have them even you just get a little leverage (putting his knee against my back) and pull." With a little athleticism he got that corset cinched so nice and snug that I had a small waist, big hips and an overflowing bosom. I tried on numerous corsets but I had found love at first sight.
I am eager to return to Stormy leather when they reopen. Until then I will lustfully peruse their website making note of all the things I want (for example Terra Firma Harness and the Sergeant Corset). They seem to be a store with amazing selection, a friendly and knowledgeable staff and no sleazy vibe.