Saturday, September 11, 2010


I used to have this cool little remote control sex toy that my husband and I used together in college. The Butterfly was attached to an elastic strap that worked like g-string underwear. My husband (boyfriend at the time) would hold the controller and then suddenly turn it on and surprise me. My clearest memory is wearing it while hanging out in the little snack lounge at my husband's college. He would randomly turn it on as I was talking to someone and I'd either smile or laugh...good times.
Unfortunately that toy did not survive more than perhaps a year of intermittent use. I was recently feeling somewhat sad as I recounted it's use in a previous post, and Chrystal from Bliss Connection must be carefully reading my blog, as she sent me a different, but similar toy - the Micro Butterfly from California Exotics to try out.
The Micro Butterfly is a sweet little bullet vibrator, covered with a soft jelly butterfly shape, including mildly vibrating antennas. It has 3 different intensities - low, high and super high, which is perfect for my taste. It has thin, bra-like straps that go around the legs and waist to hold the butterfly in place for hands free use while leaving the vagina and anus available for other toys or partner play.
While the straps may seem like a nice feature, they were far from perfect.
1) The straps are adjustable, but I found myself at the (slightly uncomfortable) limit of the leg straps and unable to effectively close the waist strap - and I'm only a size 8 woman. This is frustrating.
2) The straps are thin pieces of elastic that dug into my skin. It would be much nicer if they had a little padding. And to be honest, I kind of expected a little more quality from a company like Cal Exotics, especially after using their Lia Wand.
3) The hands-free feature is not incredibly exciting when it's not a cordless device. I think having a vibrator strapped to my clit is much more thrilling when I can walk around without the cord and battery pack trailing, and when someone else can control it without my awareness.
I tried out the Micro Butterfly both solo and during intercourse. As a masturbation toy, the hands free feature is somewhat enjoyable. I can recline, flip through porn on my computer and just turn up and down the intensity as need be. During sex this little toy was orgasmic as well, but a bit tricky to work with. I had difficulty keeping it in place (it's small so it needs to be perfectly aligned) and remaining comfortable (due to the tight straps). But, when everything was adjusted just right, it only took a small number of thrusts before the combination led to orgasmic bliss. I got to have the highly sought after (and fireworks quality) blended orgasm from my two favorite sources at once - my husband's penis and a clitoral vibrator. It's a decent product, but with a small redesign it could be much better.

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