Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pet rock, 2010 version

I purchased the Nea from Bliss Connection after getting a chance to hold it at my pleasure party. I drooled over the wonder of owning this toy for a few weeks before making the purchase. While it's sometimes challenging to grasp that I could still NEED another vibrator, this one is unique. It reminds me of a pet rock, but so much more satisfying. The Nea is a very small, ornately decorated, and relatively weighty clitoral stimulator. The curve of this toy allows it to rest snugly over the pubic bone. It is made by Lelo, a reputable Swedish sex toy manufacturer of fairly high end toys.
I was in love with the Nea from the moment I received it. The packaging was amazing, a beautiful black box, with the Nea resting inside on a stand, beneath a clear plastic cover. Included was a white satin drawstring bag in which to carry the Nea, a detailed but not too lengthy instruction manual and the charger. Yes, this toy is rechargeable!
After removing my Nea from its pedestal, I eagerly tried to turn it on, but was unable. I was sad that it came uncharged and that I would have to wait. I started flipping through the manual and soon found that it can be locked during transport (if you hold down both buttons at once). Genius! I picked it up, pressed the buttons and was able to unlock it and have it come to life.
I gave it a whirl. It is simple and elegant in design. It only has 2 buttons and because of the curve in the toy, they were easily accessible to me during use. It has 10 speeds, from super low, to intense. It also has 3 different speeds of pulsation as well as one escalation. Besides being discreet with regard to size, it is a relatively quiet vibrator.
I have used the Nea in multiple different ways now and have enjoyed them all - tucking it in my panties, lying on top of it, holding it against my clit, placing it between me and my husband during sex. The toy itself comes in black, white or dark pink. All colors have a beautiful floral pattern on the hard plastic exterior. And as with all of Lelo's toys, it comes with a 1 year warranty.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Diving In Deeper

After a somewhat restless sleep I rose and carefully picked out my clothes. I wanted to wear something hot, but not ridiculous. I pulled out a longish skirt - it came to just above my knees - but decided to be slightly daring by not wearing panties. The shirt I chose had a low scooping neckline that presented a bit of cleavage. My walk to class was slow and measured, but my heart was pounding. I arrived about 5 minutes before class and sat down outside the door. Moments after opening a book, a few of my classmates walked up, also waiting for our class to start. I felt a sinking in my stomach, I wouldn't be alone to greet my professor.
He arrived exactly at the top of the hour and as he unlocked the door, his gaze fell on me. "Good morning," he said. I couldn't believe he was talking specifically to me - it must be because of our brief conversation at the pool the day before, I thought. I had to assume that this blossoming relationship was simply in my head so as not to feel insane, so just gave a hint of a smile and walked past him into the classroom.
I took a seat in the front row and as my professor rummaged through papers on his desk, I began fantasizing about crossing and recrossing my legs like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. I hiked my skirt up slightly but realized I was too nervous to pause with my legs open while crossing them. I looked up, he was right in front of me, touching my desk. "What?" I said, smiling nervously. I hadn't realized that class had started, but everyone else had their books open, or at least on their desks.
"What did you see as the main philosophical differences between W.E.B. Du Bois and Booker T. Washington?" I realized then that he was repeating a question I had half-heard while daydreaming and he was specifically asking me. "Umm." I stalled to regain my focus. Luckily, having read the works of each man the night before, I was able give a satisfying, though somewhat disjointed critique. He smiled and turned to the class, "Yes, they both strived to meet the same goals - eradicating racism, discrimination and segregation. And yes, their proposed methods were disparate."
I fell back into a daydream, watching my hot professer's every gesture. His fingers combing absently through his chestnut hair, the nod of his head, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth all made me feel slightly warmer and perhaps a little wet. I gathered my books and notebook together without thought and followed the other students out the door at the end of class. It wasn't until I was halfway back to my dorm that I realized, with some annoyance, that I had left without even stalling to talk to him. "Ah well" I thought, perhaps I'd see him at the pool soon. Anyway, in the worst case, it was only two days until my next class.
That evening as I approached the pool, I hoped so strongly that he'd be there, that I felt he might just magically appear on the diving board. But no luck. I changed into my swim suit and went back out to the pool, begging my eyes not to look at the empty diving board, but looking anyway. The 11 other divers on my team slowly arrived and we took turns practicing our dives with direction from our coach. We tried to stay warm by wetting our shammies in a bucket of water and wringing them out over our heads as we waited. After some dryland exercises at the end I went to shower and change. As I walked toward the locker room he appeared, just heading to the men's locker. "Hi," I said enthusiastically, unable to hide my excitement. He chuckled "Well, hi." "You're here to dive? Three meter?" I asked, stupid questions rolling easily off my tongue. "Yep" he nodded, "I have to wait until you diving team people are out of the pool." Obviously, I thought. I smiled and turned to leave.
"Hey, wanna dive with me?" he asked "perhaps I could teach you a thing or two. I was an NCAA All American back in the stone age." All the lust in my body wanted me to say yes but the the words that came out of my mouth betrayed me. "I think my teammates and coach Pam would think it's weird." "Pam and I competed together in college. I can talk to her if anyone says anything. Besides, it's not weird for people to dive together." A wide and playful smile lit up his face. Was I imagining things? "I'll be back in a few," he called over his shoulder.
I went into the locker room and showered to warm up a little and think. "This must be a dream," I kept saying to myself. Or I'm truly crazy. Perhaps I was talking to myself outside and just imagining him there. I waited 12 minutes and headed back out. Luckily, in that time most of my teammates had left.
"I thought maybe you'd chickened out" he called from the top of the diving board as I walked toward the deep end of the pool. "Nope. Just needed to warm up in the shower a little." He took a few practice bounces and then walked toward the end of the board, effortlessly performing a reverse dive.
"So what do you wanna learn?" he asked as he reached the side of the pool. I blushed, being unable to quiet my inner dialogue. "What's your weakest dive? he asked without a pause, but also smiling. "I don't know, Professor Thompson, I'm not great at inwards. I'm a little scared I'll hit the board." "Call me Dylan" my professor stated, chipping away at the academic wall dividing us. I nodded my head and felt like I continued to look like a bobble head for the next significant amount of time, as he explained, demonstrated and critiqued the inward one and a half. And while I was having an decent time, it was a relief when he finally said "everyone's long gone, sorry for rambling on, let's call it a night." I agreed and briskly headed toward the locker room, quite cold at this point.
I was just about to reach for the door when his hand grabbed my arm. "I was hoping that since we have the place to ourselves..." his words trailed off and I believe my mouth fell open. I really must be dreaming, I thought. I looked down at his Speedo and noticed an unmistakeable bulge. I put one hand on his chest. "Can I take that as a yes?" he asked. I nodded my head, still standing there dumbstruck. He pushed the door open and I followed him into the women's locker room.
We were barely through the door before he started pulling at my swimsuit. As my single garment fell to the floor, he pulled me close, kissing me with intensity. I willed myself to be present, but only with partial success. His hands moved up and down the curves of my body. I buried my head in his shoulder, soaking up his smell, despite the overtones of chlorine.
I began shivering, perhaps out of cold, but more likely from anticipation of something unimaginable. "Let's get in the shower," he said turning me around and guiding me by the hips. I could feel his cold swimsuit against my butt and began reaching to pull it off. He let go of me and turned on the water, allowing me to easily undress him. He turned to face me as the warm water started pounding on my body. It was almost too much to bear - sweet, soothing comfort of warmth and his beautiful body in front of me with the happily protruding sign of his desire. I kneeled down to suck his cock. For a moment I worried that I wouldn't be good enough, but then I quickly calmed down seeing his eager delight and reminding myself that it wasn't as if this was my first time. I began working his shaft with my mouth and hands, at times letting one hand wander - balls, anus, legs and chest. Just when his breathing started to really get short, he stopped me. Leading me to one of the nearby benches, he laid me down and spread my legs. He kissed my breasts, stomach hips, naval and as his fingers moved inside my wet vagina, his mouth went to work on my clit. I too was soon gasping for air. However with the tables turned, I didn't stop him as he moved me toward climax, instead letting myself explode in his arms. As I lay there our eyes met and he spoke slowly. "Before we go any further, I just want you to know that this is something I've done before. Slept with students." "Ok" I replied. "You're not my first either." "I actually do it with some regularity," he stated, admitting a more complete version of the truth. "I'm okay with it," I responded, shoving away my unease for the pleasure of the moment. "Alright then. As long you don't have long-term expectations."
Leaning toward me and kissing me deeply, his tongue explored my mouth. He pulled me up to a sitting position and went around behind me. As I leaned over the bench, his hands grabbed my sides and his penis slowly eased into my wet pussy. The thrusting and our moans built in speed intensity and volume. For a moment I thought about the possibility of someone else coming into the unlocked locker room. That thought and the banging I was receiving pushed me over the edge. My pulsations and bucking in pleasure during the orgasm led rapidly to his climax. We slid off the bench and lay next to each other on the floor, my head on his arm, as we listened to the sound of running water.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I used to have this cool little remote control sex toy that my husband and I used together in college. The Butterfly was attached to an elastic strap that worked like g-string underwear. My husband (boyfriend at the time) would hold the controller and then suddenly turn it on and surprise me. My clearest memory is wearing it while hanging out in the little snack lounge at my husband's college. He would randomly turn it on as I was talking to someone and I'd either smile or laugh...good times.
Unfortunately that toy did not survive more than perhaps a year of intermittent use. I was recently feeling somewhat sad as I recounted it's use in a previous post, and Chrystal from Bliss Connection must be carefully reading my blog, as she sent me a different, but similar toy - the Micro Butterfly from California Exotics to try out.
The Micro Butterfly is a sweet little bullet vibrator, covered with a soft jelly butterfly shape, including mildly vibrating antennas. It has 3 different intensities - low, high and super high, which is perfect for my taste. It has thin, bra-like straps that go around the legs and waist to hold the butterfly in place for hands free use while leaving the vagina and anus available for other toys or partner play.
While the straps may seem like a nice feature, they were far from perfect.
1) The straps are adjustable, but I found myself at the (slightly uncomfortable) limit of the leg straps and unable to effectively close the waist strap - and I'm only a size 8 woman. This is frustrating.
2) The straps are thin pieces of elastic that dug into my skin. It would be much nicer if they had a little padding. And to be honest, I kind of expected a little more quality from a company like Cal Exotics, especially after using their Lia Wand.
3) The hands-free feature is not incredibly exciting when it's not a cordless device. I think having a vibrator strapped to my clit is much more thrilling when I can walk around without the cord and battery pack trailing, and when someone else can control it without my awareness.
I tried out the Micro Butterfly both solo and during intercourse. As a masturbation toy, the hands free feature is somewhat enjoyable. I can recline, flip through porn on my computer and just turn up and down the intensity as need be. During sex this little toy was orgasmic as well, but a bit tricky to work with. I had difficulty keeping it in place (it's small so it needs to be perfectly aligned) and remaining comfortable (due to the tight straps). But, when everything was adjusted just right, it only took a small number of thrusts before the combination led to orgasmic bliss. I got to have the highly sought after (and fireworks quality) blended orgasm from my two favorite sources at once - my husband's penis and a clitoral vibrator. It's a decent product, but with a small redesign it could be much better.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The god of sexual love is a lubricant?

After my post about Liquid Silk (a water based lubricant), Bliss Connection sent me a bottle of Eros silicone lubricant to try. I had never tried a silicone lubricant, being very satisfied with Liquid Silk, but I was happy to give it a whirl.
I took a few minutes to read about it since I have gotten yeast infections with the use of some lubricants, but this product met my criteria - glycerin-free, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. I rubbed a drop on the back of my hand to see what it felt like. It was silky smooth and the single drop seemed to go a long way - soon the entire back of my hand felt slick and lotiony feeling, but not wet. I was also easily able to wash it off with some soap and warm water after the trial, another bonus.
The next time my husband and I were going to have sex, I put a few drops on my fingers and slid them inside my vagina. Immediately with penetration, I noticed that while I didn't feel wet like I do when I'm either really aroused or using a water based lubricant, the sex felt extra slippery and smooth. I must admit I felt slightly weirded out at first because in my mind good sex is associated with a dripping wet vagina, and this wasn't exactly that. As the minutes went by and easy penetration continued, my mind slowly began to accept that this new sensation could also signify good sex.
I've now tried Eros several times during intercourse and enjoy it's effects. In my opinion it's more than just a lubricant, as it has a different feeling from my body's natural lubrication. My husband and I agree that it makes sex feel tighter (nice) and creates more friction while not feeling at all dry. I still think we will switch back and forth between Eros and Liquid Silk since we enjoy variety and I am still more used to the wet feeling. We haven't taken the dive into anal sex with this lubricant but apparently it's the best for making it comfortable. Also for condom users, this lubricant is latex safe.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

This wand is magic

I got a Lia Magic Wand a few weeks ago from Bliss Connection and have been giving it some good use. I handled it for the first time at the pleasure party I hosted and decided right then and there there that I needed to have it. This vibrator is so different from anything else I own.
The texture is smooth, a little squishy and reminiscent of skin. It came with no smell whatsoever, which made us friends from the start. The Lia Wand by California Exotics is made out of matte silicone and is waterproof. It is a g-spot vibrator with great flexibility and a slight curve at the tip, which makes it easy for me to manipulate internally. It has three bulges, which are still relatively slender, but adds a nice contoured aspect for penetration. The fact that it's so slender and soft make it a perfect first g-spot vibrator. I find it highly enjoyable, but sometimes just wish it were a little girthier. Some people have mentioned the potential use of this toy for anal penetration since it is not very large and has ripples, but I don't have personal experience with this yet.
I noticed that the vibration appears to be focused in the tip, making it great for clitoral stimulation as well as vaginal penetration. The quality of the vibration is very unique. It has 10 different settings - they can be categorized as 3 different speeds/strengths; 6 various frequency pulsations and 1 escalation. It is not the quietest of toys but does have the lovely kill button. I can stop it without having to cycle through to the off position and when I turn it on again, it goes right back to my last setting which means I can pick up exactly where I left off after the interruption dealt with. The buttons are, like the rest of the toy, high quality and require little effort to press. It is also very simple to use as there is only the on/off button and the one to change the setting.
The Lia Magic Wand is a new favorite and will be in my regular rotation of toys.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A night out

The first party ended with a kiss. It was fitting since I was leaving that party in order to get to the KISS party on time. Honestly, part of why I had wanted to go to the first party of the night was to get just that kiss. I had flirted with the same guy the week before at a different party, kissed him about 5 years ago and was hoping for another kiss that night. And the meeting of our lips was the perfect appetizer for the playful night ahead.
We arrived at KISS and despite it being 11pm when we arrived (fairly late for us) only one couple was fucking. Most people were dancing and hanging out in near the dance floor - still in the early stages of foreplay. There were professional pole dancers demonstrating their tricks and happy to teach those who wanted to learn. I played on the pole for a bit while my husband sat and watched from the bench nearby. One of the pole dancers asked me if she could give him a lap dance. I happily agreed and over she went.
After a bit more dancing and chatting we decided to roam the club again. Most rooms were still empty, or at least lacking in action, so we stopped by the bar and then headed to the large room in the back.
It had beds lining 3 out of the 4 walls and a large bed in the middle. While there were people on most beds, all eyes seemed to be focused on the action in the large bed. A man was laying on his back with 2 women on top of him, one on his face and another on his penis. The ladies were facing each other - at times kissing, caressing each other or just moaning with pleasure. We took our seats on one of the beds along the wall and watched too. After a little while I wanted a closer look and asked my husband what he thought about sitting at the head of the big bed. "That's a bold move" he said with a smile and we scooted in to watched, making out with each other a bit as well.
Not too much time passed before a hot couple I'd noticed earlier entered the room. They were hard to miss as she was over six feet tall with shoulder length blond messy hair, wearing only a red lacy thong and he was a clean cut slightly shorter, professional looking guy. They stood at the foot of the bed kissing for a couple minutes, their eyes dancing between the threesome and us.
I smiled as they walked toward the head of the bed. "Do you mind if we join you?" the guy asked. "Not at all" I replied. "I'm Steve and this is Audrey" he said giving introductions that included formal handshakes. After a short time Steve started whispering to Audrey. Then he turned to my husband "would be okay if I ask her for a kiss." We both agreed and I found myself enjoying a long deep kiss. When we stopped, Steve said to Audrey, "you need to kiss her lips, they are so soft." Eagerly we both leaned forward. Kissing another woman is an amazing tactile experience - everything is softer and sweeter tasting. We kissed each other for a few minutes as our partners caressed our bodies.
Then, after my husband had an opportunity to kiss Audrey, while I went back to kissing Steve, things moved to the next level. Hands caressed bodies, and unless I visually traced the line from the hand up to the person, I lost track of who was touching who. The flow was so easy and natural that as lips met and bodies moved, we were all connected in pleasure. Naturally, and without conversation, both couples moved toward oral sex and then vaginal intercourse as we remained an interconnected foursome.
At some point the threesome behind us had ended and one of the woman was suddenly seated behind Audrey holding on as if she was also having sex with Steve. This was fun to watch, as I had never imagined such an threesome, so engaged in the same act, riding the same wave.
As I was sitting atop my husband, he asked who was grabbing his penis. I looked down to see the other woman who had been in the initial threesome stroking him as he slid in and out of me. I smiled at her and noticed that she was quite ecstatically receiving oral sex.
"Wow!" I thought, "we were 7 people all connected in what appeared to an X-rated game of Twister." And as with Twister, people kept shifting around, not affixed to one person or location. I gave a few of the women a little of the Nympho's Desire and they each soon vocalized their approval of the increased sensation.
Time passed without my knowledge and some point things changed as one or two at a time people left the bed. Orgasms had been reached, breaks from the hot, sweaty action were needed. Audrey and Steve had gone to look for some friends with whom they had come to the club.
I pulled out my Lia Magic Wand and started playing with myself. The bright pink g-spot vibe was well lit as I lay back and alternated between sliding it in and out and tickling my clit. I'll review this toy soon, but for now let me just tell you that it was fun for me and I think those watching enjoyed my toy as well.
Awhile later Sarah, a woman my husband had talked to at the beginning of the night, walked into the room. We were just hanging out on the bed, back in watching mode. I called out to her and when she came over I asked "would you like to join us?" "Sure" she replied. She had large breasts which I enjoyed playing with, and soon I was kissing her as my husband and I caressed her body. I noticed right away that her lips tingled and felt a little electrically hot. I asked what was on them and she just smiled, keeping her secret.
After some more making out, I asked Sarah if I could use my Lia Wand vibrator on her and she agreed. I slipped a condom over it, feeling very much like a man and started thrusting. I'd never had this kind of control and really found it arousing. I cycled through the 10 settings until I found the one that seemed to make her moan a little more than the others. I stayed on that while my husband caressed and made out with her.
Steve and Audrey reappeared a little later and we got to have one more round of play. The night had certainly exceeded our expectations. The promise of new fun adventures upon a return visit hung in the air as our kind and hot hosts bid us goodnight with delightful kisses. We eagerly await another KISS party as soon as our busy lives permit.