Saturday, May 26, 2012

First Time

Receiving a toy in the mail called First Time brought up mixed emotions. I kind of felt like it was wrong for a married mother of 2 to be the best candidate to try out and review a toy called "First Time."  On the other hand it brought back fun memories of going with my college roommate to get my first vibrator. Oh that feeling of youth, innocence, and naughtiness of my first (semi) reliable orgasmic aid.
I have decided to go back in time and compare the First Time Bunny Teaser, courtesy of California Exotic Novelties, to my first ever vibrator. I feel like this is more fair, than comparing with my serious power-tools of today, as the First Time appears to be a gateway toy - pink or purple, penis shaped, not extremely strong and not too big or long.
In the summer between my junior and senior years of college I was staying on campus for part of the summer with one of my best friends.  We had been suite-mates the previous year and were sharing a room over the summer.  I was horny and not dating anyone at the time, and her boyfriend who was also living on campus over the summer had been encouraging her to get a vibrator.  One afternoon we went to a nearby sex shop (being in Los Angeles, it wasn't too hard to find a place to get sex toys).
The store was a bit overwhelming for 2 college women who had never been in such a place before.  There were toys for every orifice, some as large as an arm.  There were devices for men, of which we had never conceived.  I found a plain, smooth, blue vibrator with a dial on the bottom to increase or decrease speed.  It was sufficiently lengthy and of average girth.  It reminded me of a penis, despite its blue and smooth appearance, and I felt comfortable with it.  Actually, I think I may have been excited by it.  My roommate got a pink toy that was similar except that it actually looked like a penis, with bumps and ridges in appropriate places.
We took our toys back to our room and each tried them.  I was on the top bunk and she was on the bottom.  We promised not to look at or talk to each other.  It took me about 10 or 15 minutes to orgasm. Compared to my best toys nowadays that is a long time, but it was much quicker than how long it had taken when using my hands, and about equal to using a shower.  I loved that toy - Mr. Blue or Mr. Smurf.  It was a good first.
So if I compare the First Time Bunny Teaser to Mr. Smurf, the First Time is by far better.  Granted, this is a decade later and vibrators have improved, but I am envious of the girls who buy this as their first toy.  It has nine settings which is really impressive - different speeds, pulsations, and escalations, all with the push of a button.  The pulsations and escalations are the most pleasing of any I've found since they vibrate longer and leave me more satisfied.  Also, it is pretty strong for something that runs on 2 AAA batteries (weak enough to frustrate the present me, but would have gotten me off significantly faster than Mr. Smurf).
The texture is pretty average on this toy, a silicone feel.  It has all the bumps and ridges of a penis including a well defined head.  However, it also has flowers along the shaft, which I find a bit bizarre and disturbing.  The part of the shaft used for penetration is a mere 3 inches long.  This seemed far from sufficient, though for anal penetration it might be perfect.
The bunny teaser aspect of this toy was the most disappointing to me.  This toy was made for someone who prefers the vibration on the penetrating part of the toy with minimal vibration on the clitoris.  In my ideal world, where things vibrate strongly on my clitoris, there would be a separate motor in the bunny part. As it is, if I don't use this toy for penetration I can orgasm with the head of the "penis" on my clit.  Perhaps that's fitting, since the first time I had a naked make out encounter with a real penis that is about the extent of the interaction (though orgasm was not included).

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