Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Strap in and take off

In August Cal-Exotics provided me with the 7-Function Silicone Love Rider Dual Action Strap-On to test drive and review. The idea of using a strap-on, being the partner with the phallus, was both exciting and scary - something I'd fantasied about but never really expected to actually act upon.
Years ago I had read about a couples course in San Francisco called "Bend Over Boyfriend." I was titillated  Men always seemed to want to "try out" anal sex, so I figured getting a chance to try it out on my man would be fair play and a fun change in power dynamic. At first he seemed resistant but as the years have gone by he agreed to give it a go. I have looked at strap-ons every once in awhile but thought it to be a pricey proposition to invest in a harness and dildo for something that might only be a one time use, or only for rare occasions. When I received the Love Rider Strap-On in the mail I was unsure how it would all work out.
The silicone phallus at 6 inches was rather larger and more rigid than I had expected. It seemed like the perfect toy to use with a woman, but not necessarily a man. And when I tried it out on myself as a dildo, it did feel pretty damn good. I ran through a mental list of all the women I could possibly think of with whom I could try it and realized I wasn't in a one night stand or potential relationship position currently, with any woman I know. Also, seeking one out at the moment just didn't seem very plausible.
The next step was for me to put on the strap-on. It was super uncomfortable right away. The straps were awesomely adjustable and the clasps worked really well (easy to open and close), but the hard nubbly plastic of the "the butterfly" against my clitoris felt awful and no matter how I repositioned it, it hurt. The dual action mentioned in the name of the strap-on refers to the vibration feature, along with the penetration "probe." This toy has a wide variety of vibration settings which is wonderful. There are 7 different vibrations, pulsations and escalations that occur both in the butterfly and phallus.
I slid a condom over the end (important with all shared toys, especially ones used for anal play) and gave it a whirl with my husband. There was never a point when wearing the strap-on was really comfortable against my clit, but with the excitement of the vibration and the act of penetration it was at least tolerable. The final downside of using this strap-on also related from using it for anal sex. I couldn't thrust with intensity (like with vaginal sex) as I had fantasized about. Also I'm not a fan of the bootyhole smell which was ever present, even if faint (whether in missionary or doggy-style).
For now I think this toy will sit in a drawer, waiting for a future in which I can try it with a woman. Maybe I'll still be the receiver since I didn't especially enjoy the inner side of the harness. However, it would be fun to have sex using a vibrating phallus attached to a person with a nice rack.

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