Friday, June 25, 2010

A Butterfly Kiss takes my breath away

When I received my newest sex toy, the Butterfly Kiss, I thought it looked juvenile - the MyLittlePony of vibrators. With baby blue flexible silicone (it also comes in pink), a butterfly perched atop and hearts on the base, I would have imagined it to be called The Abstainer and given to teenagers to prevent premarital sex.
My expectations were also low because I don't typically care for penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time. I usually don't even enjoy sex while using a vibrator, asking my husband not to move at all on the occasions when we try clitoral vibration with sex (resulting in a softer and unhappy husband). This vibrator also looked wimpy to me, being powered by only 2 AAA batteries versus my favored plug in vibrator.
But that's where I stopped being under-impressed. The people who made this vibrator must have really considered all aspects of the female anatomy, or at least created it with my anatomy and pleasure in mind. The butterfly itself has two wings and two antenna that flutter/buzz on the sides of the clitoris and a middle section (back of the butterfly) that is ribbed for her pleasure and can sit right against the clitoris. The shaft/penetrating part of the vibrator has an enlarged and somewhat egg-shaped end that fits inside the vagina and creates intense stimulation when thrust in and out. The fact that it has 3 different settings and that they really are low, medium and high was wonderful. The low is very mellow and the high is enough for even me, the Hitachi Magic Wand fiend.
After the 5th orgasm in less than 10 minutes I was giddy. This toy is amazing. It would fit in my handbag. I could bring it on vacation with me...oh how I'd love a weekend getaway with friends, lovers, or just me and my Butterfly Kiss.
But back to reality, I can't think of anyone who wouldn't enjoy this wonderful toy. Did I mention it's also waterproof? It can be an amazingly stimulating dildo if you don't want the vibration, or a clitoral vibrator only if you don't insert the shaft. But the way that it works together is mindblowing. My two best orgasm triggers (clitoral stimulation and the head of a penis sliding in and out) were put together in a more intense and breathtaking way than I had ever imagined. One downside of the previous g-spot and clitoral vibrators I've had was that I could either vibrate the clit or thrust them in and out, but because of how bendable this shaft is, I am able to just rock it back and forth while keep the butterfly on target the entire time. Also, the more orgasms I have the tighter my vagina gets and the tighter my vagina gets the better the head of the shaft feels - talk about positive reenforcement.
And this is truly a budget vibrator. I will satisfy myself daily and happily buy a new one when I run this one into the ground (but it may be awhile if I can get 5 orgasms in under 10 minutes).

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